Tissue Paper Jellyfish Craft

What we love most about this tissue paper jellyfish is the way it dances in the air! Hang it on a string and watch the magic happen every time there’s a breeze (or the air conditioning is on).

This summer craft for kids is a quick project – perfect for rainy days or to do in a classroom with lots of kids (the decorations are great, too).

Handmade jellyfish tissue paper for children

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This summer craft can be made using tissue paper, newspaper, recycled paper, string, fabric scraps…

Handmade jellyfish tissue

How to make a jellyfish model with tissue paper

What you need:

  • Our handmade sample
  • paper
  • color supplies
  • tissue paper (or other)
  • drag
  • glue
  • options: string to haning

Instructions step by step

Print out the form. This craft works best when the pattern is printed on construction paper/cardboard.

Color the jellyfish. We love markers but there are many types of coloring materials you can use – watercolor, crayons, ink…

Once you’ve colored the jellyfish, cut it out.

Also cut a few strips of tissue paper (or other).

Turn the jellyfish’s head around and apply glue to the back (a line at the bottom is fine).

Glue each strip of tissue paper one at a time – using a variety of colors will make your jellyfish super beautiful.

You can also add a string for hanging.

Apply glue to the remaining part of the jellyfish head…

…and paste it into the first one.

All has been done! Your Jellyfish quest is complete.

Tissue paper jellyfish craft ideas for kids

Get the tissue paper jellyfish craft pattern

Tissue Paper Jellyfish

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