Winter Clothesline Craft

When winter covers the world in a shimmering blanket of frost, there’s undeniably some magic in the air. Capturing the charm of the cold season, we invite you to start your craft journey with our latest project: Winter clothesline craft! This fun tutorial combines the fun of coloring with craft sticks.

Get ready to witness the enchantment as kids turn their imaginations into reality, adorning printable garments with vibrant colors and turning them into a charming craft. winter themed.

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This winter craft is perfect for all ages because it is such a simple item to make.

Winter craft paper clothesline

How to make a winter clothesline

What you need:

  • printable template
  • drag
  • glue
  • two wooden craft sticks
  • yarns
  • paint white for snow and other color option for craft sticks
  • paint brush
  • light blue or other colored cardboard
  • color supplies

Step-by-step instructions

Print templates with images of clothes.

Step 1

Have children color the clothes they want to display: all or just a selected few.

We used red for a sweater, hat and scarf but children can color them however they want.

Step 2

Kids can use any color they want.

Step 3

Winter clothes look beautiful if they are colorful!

Step 4

Have your child cut them along the dotted lines.

Step 5

Paint two wooden craft sticks and let them dry or just leave them in their natural color.

Step 6

Cut a piece of yarn so that it is slightly longer than the width of the blue cardboard.

Have children tie a knot on the end of a craft stick.

Step 7

And another knot on the other side bar to secure it.

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Step 8

Then, have children glue the sticks to the cardboard, one stick on each side.

Step 9

It’s time to “hang” the clothes on the clothesline with glue.

Step 10

Some final touches with white paint – we used a sponge, but kids can paint snowflakes with their fingers or a paintbrush.

Step 11

Winter clothesline craft is complete!

Step 12

Isn’t it amazing?

Winter clothes drying paper craft

Have fun!

Winter clothesline craft idea

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