15+ Pine Cone Crafts and Decoration Ideas

Pine cones can easily be transformed into many wonderful creative works? Browse these great pine cone craft ideas and you and your kids will have lots of fun projects to make.

Some of these pine cone creations can be played with, some will make the most amazing decorations, and some of these pine cone crafts are great to sell at fairs. This makes it a fun and easy and rewarding activity for you or your child. You’ll find ideas for all ages – be it toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners or older! You can’t go wrong with this activity as it is a frugal activity.

So make sure to collect as many pine cones as possible on your next walk in the woods.

Awesome pine cone craft and decoration ideas

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How to prepare pine cones for crafts & How to wash pine cones

The most important thing you need to make crafts from pine cones is a pine cone. You can collect them yourself or you can buy larger packages at craft stores.

If you are collecting your own pine cones, they will often bring along some unwanted guests (bugs) as well as dirt, so we will first explain how to wash pine cones and how to get them ready for use. make.

Fill a bucket with water and add a cup of vinegar. Add the pine nuts and let them soak in the water for about half an hour. You can gently shuffle them to dislodge any dirt. Vinegar will take care of the bugs. Remove the pine cones from the water and let them dry. If you want to be extremely sure that all the bugs and mold are gone, we also recommend baking them.

Alternatively, you can also bake pine cones (especially if there is no dirt on them) in the oven at 220°F (100°C) for about 30 minutes to sterilize them.

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Pine cone craft and decoration ideas

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite pine cone craft ideas for you or your kids to make.

Pine cone fairy

One of the most magical (and fun) pine cone crafts you or your kids can make are pine cone fairies. Keep them natural, let them represent different seasons, or go crazy with pink (or other colors) to bring these magical creatures to life. All you need to do is attach (preferably with a glue gun) a wooden ball on top of the pine cone and get creative.

Handmade Pine Cone Snowy Owl

This is probably one of our all-time favorite crafts for kids, with just a few cotton balls and pine cones you can make magical pine cone snow owls best ever.

Pinecone Winter Owls Craft for Kids

Make pine cone decorations

Liven up your room, surprise someone with a bouquet of flowers that won’t wilt… Dip the pine cones in the paint (you can paint them with a paintbrush, but it will take a while) to coat them evenly and use them in wonderful arrangements.

Make a Gnome pine cone

Gnome crafts are really popular lately, especially in winter. You can easily create a rustic looking gnome character using pine cones. Make a small hat out of felt (you can also make arms out of felt. Glue the beard to the inside of the hat (one side only). An easy way to make a beard is to use yarn as is or if you want a set smoother beard, carefully comb through the fibers to separate them.

Turkish pine cones

Since you’ll most likely be collecting pinecones in the fall months, you can use them to make some fun Thanksgiving decorations with your kids. It’s easy to turn a pinecone into a fun-looking pinecone turkey.

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Pinecone Türkiye Handmade Thanksgiving

DIY pine wreath looks natural

Buy a wreath base and decorate it with just pinecones (and a bow for decoration). You can create a beautiful looking fall themed pine cone wreath by using mostly pine cones as-is and by dipping or partially painting them in fall colors.

Pine cone hedgehog

Now if there is one pine cone craft idea you want to make, these pine cone hedgehogs are it. All you need is an opened pinecone some clay or dry clay and sparkling eyes.

Pinecone Crafts - Pinecone-Hedgehogs

Create a rustic fall banner

One of the simplest pine cone decorations you or your kids can make is this simple rustic fall pine cone banner. All you need are a few pine cones, some dollar store fall-themed decorations (usually random things painted orange and yellow), and twine.

Small pinecone Christmas tree

Why have a big old tree when you can have these adorable little pine cone Christmas trees? Well, having both is probably the most interesting choice of the bunch.

Handmade Christmas tree

The ultimate portable pine cone

Dip pine cones in different bright paints, let dry and tie a string to them. Hang them on tree branches to create the most amazing little mobile that will shine on your front porch.

Pine cactus craft

Struggling to keep real plants alive? Even when it comes to cacti? We have a great solution for you. Run to the store and grab a few cute plant pots (bonus points if you get terracotta pots and paint them). Also, get decorative sand. Go for a walk and collect pine cones. Dip the pine cones in the paint (or paint them with a brush). Fill the pot with decorative sand and press the painted pine cone in. If things feel too loose, you can hot glue the painted pine cone to a smaller rock; this both reduces its weight and makes it easier to secure with decorative sand.

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The simplest DIY pine cone decoration

Making your own gorgeous decorations doesn’t have to be complicated. This is best made during canning season because jars are readily available in stores. Find the largest jar possible. Paint the pine cones and just throw them in the jar. If you want to add a little magic to your creation (and take it to the next level), add battery-powered mini LED lights.

Add pine cones to your gift wrap

Wrap gifts in brown kraft paper, tie them with twine or other natural-looking string, and add a pine cone or two using a hot glue gun. Oh, so beautiful!

Another perspective on hedgehogs

If you have a bunch of pine cones, some of them may fall apart a bit. You can use those parts and make a hedgehog.

Handmade pine cone roll toilet paper in the shape of a hedgehog for children to make

Christmas tree decorations

If you want your Christmas tree to go completely natural this year, consider using pine cones to make Christmas ornaments.

Bunch of Pine Cones

You can make all kinds of beautiful bouquets using pine cones. For a winter theme, lightly spray the pinecones with fake snow or lightly brush them with white paint. Add a few white faux roses and other faux winter “greenery” and create a magical bouquet.

Make forest pine cones

With a little paper, glue, paint, and pine cones, you can create all kinds of forest animals. Dip the pinecone in orange paint, make a triangular head out of orange construction paper and you almost have a fox.

Pine cone craft and decoration ideas

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