3D Caterpillar Craft with Printable Template

Let your kids learn all about caterpillars with this 3D Caterpillar Craft with printable template. It’s a great project to learn about the life cycle of butterflies and moths.

This is also a great project to do in the classroom, there is no prep required and all you need is printer paper, glue and scissors.

3D Caterpillar Craft with printable template

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If your kids love these adorable little animals, they can learn how to draw a caterpillar themselves! And if your kids love all things insects, we’ve got lots of fun insect crafts for them to explore.

How to create a 3D caterpillar craft using a printable template

What you need:

Let’s start!

Step-by-step instructions

Print out the template you like. If you print in black and white, color it.


Cut out all the pieces – the caterpillar’s body parts, antennae, legs and head.


Fold the corners of each round body part (the part labeled glue).

Grab the glue – it’s glue time!

Add glue to the bent parts.

Start building the caterpillar from left to right.

Paste the first body on the left – into the two spaces on the template.

Continue gluing the remaining three body parts in the same way.


Take the caterpillar’s head and glue the antennae to the back of it.

Finally, glue the head onto the right body.


Now, take four legs and stick one on each body part.

All has been done! You just created a 3D caterpillar!

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