Chinese New Year Drum Craft

We have just the craft ideas to help your kids celebrate Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year! Check out our tutorial for making handmade Lunar New Year drums from paper plates.

It’s a perfect craft that allows your kids to be as creative as they want because there are so many ways they can decorate their paper plate drums. They can stick with traditional colors (red, yellow, yellow, orange, etc.) or go in a completely different direction to create their own colors.

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Paper plate crafts are very versatile; You can make all kinds of animals and other objects suitable for every holiday! This drum is perfect for Lunar New Year and goes well with a Chinese dragon puppet paper plate we made a while ago.

DIY handmade Chinese New Year drum

You can also add rice to this drum to create a rattling sound.

DIY Lunar New Year Paper Plate Blank Craft

How to make Chinese New Year drum crafts

What you need:

  • drag
  • stapler
  • two sheets of paper
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • yarns
  • two seeds
  • something to use as a handle – straws or a long craft stick

Step-by-step instructions

Start by having your child draw both sheets of paper.

Step 1

We made our plates in more traditional colors and painted the paper plates red.

Step 2

Let the paint dry completely.

Step 3

Once the paint dries, you can ask your child to add more details to their drum. Use gold (or whatever paint they choose) to create a decorative and festive pattern on the plate.

Children can let their imaginations run wild and draw traditional Chinese New Year symbols such as dragons, lanterns or Chinese characters.

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Step 4

We really love the gold paint for this project.

Step 5

If they want, they can also skip the decoration (or use stickers instead of painting them themselves).

Step 6

You can even have “layered” designs for them. We added a large circle to our circle.

Step 7

This adds a blank look to it more.

Step 8

We decorate the drum by drawing circles around the edge. You can keep this busy.

Step 9

Paint both panels with the same decorations or different decorations.

Step 10

Now assemble the drum.

Step 11

Cut a length of string and place it between the paper plates. Secure it in place with glue, tape or staples.

Step 12

It should be placed right in the middle.

Step 13

The drum also needs a handle. Use a straw, craft stick, or something similar and stick it onto the paper plate (use tape or glue to secure it, depending on the material).

Step 14

Glue or staple the sheets together. Apply glue along the edges of one sheet of paper and align it with the other. Or just pin around.

Step 15

If you are using staples, this part needs to be done by an adult (or with close adult supervision).

Step 16

We recommend thread pins and straws (if you use straws).

Step 17

Next, attach a bead to each side of the thread.

Step 18

Secure the beads by tying a knot at each end.

Step 19

Chinese New Year drum making is ready for the kids to enjoy!

Blank handmade Lunar New Year paper plates

How did your child draw the Lunar New Year drum?

Chinese New Year drum craft ideas

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