Pretty Dress Princess Craft

Dress this princess in the most magical ball gown you can – join us in crafting this beautiful princess dress.

This craft will excite both princess lovers as well as kids who enjoy discovering their inner costume designer.

Cute princess dress for children

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If you need a fun rainy day craft idea for kids or a craft to make at a princess themed party for kids, you can’t go wrong with this idea. Combine it with our princess drawing guide and a bunch of printable princess coloring pages and you’ve got a winner on your hands.

How to make a cute princess dress

What you need

Step-by-step instructions

Draw a princess outline with a large dress on cardboard. You can use plain or colored cardstock. You can also draw it.

Cut out the princess border.

We made ours on two-toned cardstock, the black color really makes this craft stand out.

Cut long and wide strips of paper in the color you want for your princess dress. We chose pink and purple for our princess dress.

You can cut small pieces of paper and make each paper loop separately, or if you want to do it the easier way, tape the ends of a wide strip of paper together (along the longer edge).

Wait for the glue to harden and then cut the glued paper strip into small paper rings.

You will need a lot! But you can always make more later if you use them all up when making the dress.

Use many colors to make the dress more beautiful.

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Apply glue to the princess outline, starting from the bottom.

Begin gluing each paper circle up, starting with a row at the bottom.

Work your way up, alternating colors on each row you create.

Once you’re done up to the waist, wait for the glue to dry, then turn your princess craft over and trim off the paper stuck to the border.

You can also make a sweetheart neckline (or any other) for the dress. Take a small piece of colored paper and place it behind the silhouette. Trace along the body shape.

Draw the neckline.

Cut it out and glue it to the silhouette of the princess.

A princess also needs a tiara or tiara. Cut a yellow paper and stick it on the princess’s head.

All done, your beautiful princess dress is ready to show off.

Beautiful princess dress

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