Printable Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages – Lots of Free Sheets

It’s time to spread the love with these adorable printable Valentine’s Day coloring pages for kids and adults alike, plus lots of free printable sheets to color. From adorable heart-hugging animals to delicious treats filled with love, you and your kids will have plenty of printables to color.

We have something for everyone, from super simple V-day coloring pages for younger kids to more detailed pages that older kids will enjoy. So grab your crayons or colored pencils and print these PDFs.

Valentine's Day Coloring Pages Printable

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Printable valentine’s day coloring pages

You can mix things up by adding a few of our flower coloring pages or rose coloring pages to the mix; They complement this theme very well.

Free printable valentine’s day coloring pages

We’re excited to share ten free printable Valentine’s Day coloring pages with you and your kids.

Select the photos you want to print, click the blue button that says “Buy it here,” and download the V-Day photos.

V-Day coloring page of pretty heart balloons

V-Day coloring page of pretty heart balloons

Get your kids started coloring V-Day with a vivid scene of heart-shaped balloons.

Bee-Mine Valentine’s Day Color Palette

Bee-Mine Valentine's Day Color Palette

Let kids capture the essence of love with this coloring game of a buzzing bee spelling out “Bee Mine” in a sky filled with blooming hearts.

Valentine pictures to color

Winged heart coloring page for valentine's day

They can fly away on the clouds of love with a pretty heart with wings flying high in the sky on Valentine’s Day.

Coloring a cute bear for Valentine’s Day

I love you so much Valentine's Day Color Palette

Need another cute one? There’s a special Valentine’s Day coloring page featuring a bear holding a giant heart that radiates warmth and love.

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Cupid’s V Day coloring page

Cute cupid illustrations to color

Cupid is on a mission! Have your kids color this adorable Cupid page, shooting arrows of love in every direction.

Valentine’s Day heart color palette

Heart shaped gift images for valentine's day to color

Children can unleash their creativity with a heart-shaped gift decorated with a bow – this fun and easy-to-color page captures the spirit of giving and love for any occasion.

Heart coloring page

Easy valentine's day heart coloring pages

Let your child’s coloring adventure continue with a big smiling heart, wearing two arrows as a badge of love, creating a fun and playful Valentine’s Day design.

Happy Valentine’s Day coloring pages

Happy Valentine's Day color palette

If you need to color a Happy Valentine’s Day caption, this sheet is it! Have your child color the caption decorated with two smiling hearts.

Cute Valentine’s Day coloring pages

Love letter for valentine's day coloring page

Children can send a heartfelt message by coloring this cute love letter.

V-day images in color

Dog holding heart Valentine's Day illustration to color

If you’re looking for the cutest Valentine’s Day coloring page, we think this might be it! Have children color an adorable puppy sitting adorably holding a heart.

Member’s valentine’s day coloring page

The rest of the 25 Valentine coloring pages are waiting for our beloved members. Take a look at the preview illustrations below to explore what’s inside this final PDF.

Valentine coloring page

Valentine's day unicorn coloring illustration

Have kids color the entire Valentine’s Day coloring page featuring a unicorn surrounded by enchanting hearts, reminding us that love is truly magical.

Color elephant and heart for valentine’s day

Elephant and heart to color for valentine's day

This cheerful elephant makes hearts flutter through his trunk in this cute Valentine’s Day coloring page.

Valentine’s day pictures to color

Coloring pages of dinosaurs and hearts for Valentine's day

We bet kids will grab their favorite crayons because this cute dinosaur has a heart. Take them on a captivating prehistoric adventure as they color an adorable reptile.

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Valentine’s day greeting card

Happy valentine's day captions in color

Here’s another adorable coloring page with a simple but fun design featuring the caption “Happy Valentine’s Day” surrounded by a row of playful hearts.

Penguins and hearts to color on V-Day

Penguin hearts and balloons to color.

Let them spread the love with a charming penguin holding a bouquet of heart-shaped balloons.

Happy valentine’s day heart coloring page

Big heart with Happy Valentine's Day caption to color

Help little ones get into the Valentine’s Day spirit with an easy-to-color page that features a large heart decorated with ribbon and the words “Happy Valentine’s Day” written on it.

Illustration of Valentine’s Day in color

Cute ladybug V-Day coloring page

Want to let your kids color the V-Day ladybug? Our cute bug is decorated with hearts, replacing the traditional spots in this love-filled coloring adventure.

V-Day love coloring sheet

V day coloring page with LOVE caption

Make coloring easy for preschoolers with a large, easy-to-color caption that says “LOVE.”

Cute Dino Valentine’s Day Color Palette

Dinosaurs and hearts coloring sheet

They will have a fun time coloring a dinosaur surrounded by lovesick hearts.

Color hearts for Valentine’s Day

Cute heart pictures to color for Valentine's day

Do you need an easy-to-color Valentine’s card? Have children color six happy hearts happily floating in the sky.

Printable Valentines

Coloring picture of two birds in love

Take a look at this V-Day illustration with two lovebirds, framed by a heart floating above them.

Roses for Valentine’s Day to color

Pictures of vase full of roses to color

Have children color the beautiful image of a bouquet of roses inside a delicate vase.

V day coloring page

Illustration of cute heart-shaped candy to color for V-Day

We’ve got a super sweet Valentine’s Day image to color. Heart-shaped lollipops can come to life with your child’s favorite colors.

Valentine’s Day coloring pages for preschoolers

Butterfly coloring pages for Valentine's Day

Need another spring color palette? Let kids fly on Valentine’s Day with a butterfly surrounded by easy-to-color heart patterns.

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Valentine’s Day cupcakes to color

Cupcake coloring image for valentine's day

Have kids grab those colorful markers and color a cupcake with heart-shaped sprinkles.

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