Flapping Ears Bunny Craft

You can never go wrong with a no-prep, quick activity that kids enjoy. And this flap-eared rabbit craft ticks all the boxes!

It’s a perfect last-minute Easter craft for kids; Just print, color, cut and add a little glue and you’ve got an adorable little bunny that flaps its ears. That’s right, this little bunny’s ears will move when you pull the strip of paper.

Craft Rabbit Ears - Easter Crafts for Kids

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Want to see it in action? Just pull the paper strip…

The Easter Bunny's ears can move

And watch the ears move. Children love it!

Rabbit ears move

How to make flap ear bunny crafts

What you need:

Step-by-step instructions

Print out the form. Regular printer paper works well for this.

Step 1

If you print out the bunny craft template in black and white, let your child color it first.

Step 2

Once you’ve colored the model parts, cut out the ears and body.

Step 3

There are dashed lines above (and across) the bunny’s head. Make folds along those lines. Run your finger (or a ruler) along the folds to make them sharp.

Step 4

Make sure you fold along all the dashed lines (horizontal and diagonal lines).

Step 5

Start by folding along the horizontal dashed line above the bunny’s head (with pattern on the outside).

With the rabbit’s head facing you, fold along the diagonal lines down (bringing the outer corners to the middle).

Step 6

First this side and then that side. You will now see a triangle on top of the bunny’s head. Run your fingers over the folds.

Step 7

Now open the diagonal folds and fold them back in the same way. What we do with this is ensure the versatility of this paper toy. It will make the ear flapping smoother.

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Step 8

Open everything up.

Step 9

This part may seem complicated but we guarantee it will be easy.

Now we’re focusing on the horizontal dashed line running through the bunny’s head. Fold along this line first.

Next, gently press on the “triangles”, since you have made all the folds beforehand, they will naturally fall into place when you press on them.

Step 10

This creates the mechanism for the ears to flap.

Step 11

Run your fingers through the folds again. All the folds are now the same.

Step 12

Now we’re ready to add the ears.

Step 13

Gently open the bunny. Glue the ears to the template. Let the glue dry completely before moving the paper toy.

Step 14

When you fold the bunny, the ears will stand up straight.

Step 15

Have your child gently pull on the top strip so that the bunny’s ears flap up and down.

Step 16

How adorable is that?

Step 17

Super fun to play with.

Pat the Easter Bunny's ears

Don’t forget to share your bunny creations with friends and family.

Bunny Craft Portable Ears

Happy Easter!

Easter bunny flapping ears craft idea

Ear flap Bunny Craft

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