Hatching Chick Paper Plate Craft

We have the cutest chick egg incubation paper plate craft instructions for you. This is perfect for spring, or if you color the egg, it makes one of the coolest Easter crafts for kids.

Can’t you imagine a bunch of these displayed on a bulletin board? Oh so adorable! This is an easy craft that is perfect for both preschoolers and kindergarteners as well as older children.

Paper plates for incubating chicks - Easy Easter crafts for kids

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This is a great last minute Easter craft for kids. It doesn’t require much preparation and it’s inexpensive. It also has the right balance of arts and crafts – get artsy with paper plate decorations and follow the instructions to assemble the craft.

Hatching Easter Eggs Craft Paper Plates

Did we mention it’s also super fun to make? Sure!

Paper plate for manual chicken incubation

How to make paper plates to incubate chicks

What you need:

  • drag
  • glue
  • paper plate
  • colored paper (yellow and orange)
  • cardboard (green or any of your choice)
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • two innocent eyes

Step-by-step instructions

You’ll need a sheet of cardboard for the base (or a cereal box!). Any color will do.

Step 1

Prepare a paper plate. We’ll turn it into a cracked egg.

Step 2

It’s time to decorate. Have your child draw a paper plate to look like an egg or Easter egg.

We will color ours as an Easter egg.

Step 3

There are many ways you can color it: stripes, dots, stars, waves… The sky is the limit.

Step 4

We chose colorful stripes for our paper plate Easter eggs.

Step 5

Any color will do, pastel is the most Easter color.

Step 6

Once your child is happy with the shape of the paper plate (now an egg), let the paint dry.

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Step 7

After the paint dries, have your child take scissors and carefully cut a zig-zag line across the middle of the paper plate.

Step 8

Now it’s time to create the adorable Easter chicken!

Have children cut a rectangle from yellow paper and round the top two edges to form the chick’s body.

Step 9

Glue on two googly eyes or googly eye stickers.

You can also draw eyes.

Step 10

Cut a small orange triangle for the chick’s beak and glue it under the eye.

Paste the chicken on the background paper.

Step 11

Have your child apply glue to the rounded edges of the two halves of the paper plate.

Place two halves of the paper plate on the chicken, half on top and half on the bottom.

Gently press down along the rounded parts of the paper to secure the glue.

Step 12

Your adorable chick egg paper plate is complete!

Easily hatch handmade paper plate chickens

Let’s enjoy the creative journey together and stay tuned for more exciting crafting adventures!

Paper plate Easter eggs with chicken hatching craft

Wishing you successful manufacturing!

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