Printable Tiger Coloring Pages – 30 Sheets

Take your kids on a wild adventure with our printable tiger coloring pages, with many designs available as free printables! Roar!

We made sure to include a variety of designs so everyone will find the right sheet to color in, from super simple sheets for toddlers and preschoolers to more detailed sheets that Older kids will enjoy it. You’ll find cute tigers and you’ll find realistic tigers to color, so be sure to grab all the PDFs you like.

Printable tiger coloring pages

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Printable tiger coloring pages

Our growling cat set includes 30 printable tiger coloring pages. Bedsheets are not only a great way to entertain, but also a great opportunity to learn more about these amazing creatures.

If your children like to color, we have more cat coloring pages – we’re sure they’ll love the cute designs. And if they want to take on the challenge and learn how to draw a tiger, our easy step-by-step tutorial will guide them through.

Free printable tiger coloring pages

Who loves tigers? We have a special offer just for our young fans – a set of 10 free tiger coloring pages, ready to download, print and color.

Click the “Get here” button below each preview to access the pages you like.

baby tiger

In the forest

Children can start by coloring a cute tiger cub with beautiful eyes. A jungle scene will look great, so encourage your child to color the background of the frame.

striped friend

Tiger coloring sheet

Using different shades of orange, this striped friend will pop!

Standing on the cliff

On The Cliff

We have another cute scene! This tiger cub stands on the edge of a grassy cliff in the heart of the wilderness. Have your kids color the entire page!

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Dangerous tiger coloring page

A ferocious tiger is ready to defend its territory with a mighty roar.

Realistic tiger head

Realistic tiger illustration

For all you detail lovers, we have a giant tiger head coloring page ready to color in a variety of colors.

Silly cat

Silly tiger color palette

This fun cat coloring sheet would be perfect for preschoolers! A furry friend is sitting on the ground with a happy smile on his face and bright eyes ready to be colored.

Baby tiger

Little tiger

Whether your child prefers markers, crayons, or colored pencils, they will love coloring this bold design.

Furry friend

Tiger coloring sheet

With its legs spread wide, all this adorable tiger wants is to be embraced by bright colors.

At the river

Big cat by the river

The following tiger coloring page features a majestic tiger sitting on a riverbank with a few birds flying in the background.


Coloring picture of a beautiful tiger

Want to give your young artists a more realistic tiger illustration? This is a pretty easy to color palette that they can use.

Member’s tiger coloring page

We’re glad your child loves tigers; That’s why we’ve created a set of 30 tiger coloring pages in one PDF file!

Check out the previews to see what else is in the set, log in to your account (or become a member if you don’t already have one) and download them all.

good tiger

Baby tiger

Kids will love this cute tiger sticking its tongue out!

while playing

Hunting cats

All cats love to play and tigers are no exception!

tooth tiger

Cute little tiger

We have an adorable buck-toothed friend to color – this page would be perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners!

King of the jungle

Easy tiger coloring sheet

Have your kids bring this striped giant to life by coloring the entire page!

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Jump around

tiger jumping

This coloring sheet shows a lively tiger jumping in the middle of a blooming flower bed!

Bold stripes

Tigers to color

Here’s a more realistic tiger illustration for little artistic hands!

Striped beauty

Cute sitting tiger coloring page

Kids can add their creativity to the sitting tiger and make the surrounding greenery come alive with the colors of their choice.

tiger cartoon

Curious cat

The cartoon wild cat design is sure to bring a smile to your little ones’ faces!

Cute tiger

Happy tiger color palette

Ask the children to add some color to another cute cake – a smiling tiger.

Wild cat

Tigers to color

They can highlight every detail of this beautiful creature using their favorite colors.

Little bastard

Play with a butterfly

A cute striped girl reaches out to a delicate butterfly flying above – a perfect sight to keep the kids busy.

realistic tiger

realistic tiger

Among the simple motives, we also like the realistic designs and we are confident that your children will also enjoy this type of coloring.

The little tiger winked

Little tiger on the grass

Go back to this adorable forest bird and have your kids color the lush greenery behind it to make it stand out!

Under the starry sky

Sleepy stray cat coloring page

Under the gentle moonlight and sparkling canopy of stars, the majestic tiger is sleeping peacefully! Have your child color the entire sheet of paper!

Easy tiger coloring sheet

Sitting tiger coloring page

Looking for a fun tiger coloring page for preschoolers and K? This is so easy to color!

Playful stripes

The wild cat smiled

Another fun tiger coloring page! The happy tiger is waiting for your child’s coloring!

People wandering in the forest

Tiger paradise

Surrounded by a kaleidoscope of butterflies and flowers, this playful tiger coloring page will be perfect for those who enjoy coloring intricate details.

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Coloring sheet to practice spelling tiger

Tiger coloring sheet

Kids can practice their spelling skills by coloring captions and tiger heads and have fun while they learn.

Baby tiger

Cat in the bag

What about a curious cub peeking out from the folds of a woven bag? This tiger themed coloring page will brighten your child’s day with smiles and happiness.

Wave goodbye

Waving tiger color palette

The final tiger coloring page of this set includes a friendly tiger standing proudly on its hind legs, waving its warm paws!

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