Fingerprint Hearts Card

Spread love and good thoughts always at your fingertips. Let children use their thumbs to make the most beautiful and simple heart-shaped card with fingerprints.

What we love most about this DIY card is that it’s so easy to make and really requires no prep, making it a great last-minute Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day craft.

Heart fingerprint card

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We love a craft or art idea with a personal touch, and fingerprint art fits the description perfectly.

DIY Valentine's Day Fingerprint Heart Card

This card looks great in pink and red, but you can make it more personal by letting the kids use their favorite colors.

DIY Fingerprint Heart Valentine's Day Card

How to Make a Valentine Card Using Heart Fingerprints

What you need:

  • white cardboard
  • red and pink non-toxic paint or ink pad (or other)

Step-by-step instructions

Start with white cardstock and fold it in half lengthwise to make the card base.

Step 1

You can let your child paint his thumb with a brush or prepare paint for him to dip his finger in.

Step 2

Stamp the fingerprint from the top left part of the card.

Step 3

Fill the card with fingerprints one color, leaving enough space between them to create unique hearts with a second coat of paint.

Step 4

Let your child switch to another type of paint. They can use the same thumb or switch to the other hand.

Step 5

Create reverse fingerprints with pink prints, which when combined will form tiny hearts.

Step 6

Aren’t the hearts adorable?

Step 7

All has been done!

Give your masterpiece time to dry, then write a card and ask the kids to write a sweet message with markers or pens.

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It was the perfect finishing touch to their handmade card creation.

Valentine's Day fingerprint art heart card

Voila! You just created a beautiful fingerprint heart shape!

Heart fingerprint valentine's day card idea

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