Newspaper Heart Card

Take advantage of an old newspaper and turn it into an adorable newspaper heart card! This project is great to do with kids but is also pretty enough for you to make yourself. Who wouldn’t want to receive such a cute card?

This is a great Mother’s Day craft or Valentine’s Day craft; however, you and your child can also attend any other holiday.

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We love easy-to-make cards and this one definitely fits the description.

Valentine's Day heart card

This is a perfect budget project to do with larger groups, making it an ideal classroom project.

DIY newspaper heart card

How to Make Leopard Heart Cards

What you need:

Step-by-step instructions

Make the card base by folding the red (or other color) paper in half. You can also use blank cards purchased at the store.

Step 1

Run your finger along the crease (or better yet, use a ruler or something similar) to make the crease sharp.

Step 2

Have your child cut three or more smaller rectangles from a newspaper.

Step 3

Stack them and fold them in half.

Step 4

Have your child draw a half-heart next to the folded newspaper with a black marker. You can also use our printable heart outline.

This will allow your child to get three identical heart shapes at the same time when they cut the shape out.

Step 5

Cut along the line and open the heart.

Step 6

Fold the heart shape in half and glue it to the card so that the fold remains in the middle of the red card.

This will be the starting point for the layered heart design.

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Apply glue to the folded part.

Step 7

Ask the child to fold and glue the second heart shape onto the first heart shape.

Step 8

Press down gently to secure it in place.

Step 9

It’s time to glue another folded heart on top of the previous two.

Step 10

Have the child apply glue to the last heart and open it, sticking it to the red card.

Step 11

Your newspaper heart-shaped card is ready to be shared and appreciated by friends and family.

Step 12

Kids can add a personal touch to the card by writing a heartfelt message or drawing something special.

DIY heart card craft

Whether it’s a simple “I love you” or a more detailed message, the added personalization will make the card even more appreciated.

Leopard heart card idea

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