3D Heart Flower Card (with flower template) – Valentines and Mother’s day craft idea

This tutorial will show you how to make a beautiful 3D heart flower card, suitable for Mother’s Day cards as well as Valentine’s Day cards.

Simple and cute, this homemade card will brighten anyone’s day.

3D Heart Flower Card for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day for Kids - Easy and Quick Craft for Kids #easypeasyandfun

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Whether you are looking for Mother’s Day craft ideas or Valentine’s Day craft ideas, this 3D heart flower card has it all.

It’s really easy to do and you can even use our handy printable template (for members) to make the process even easier.

3D heart flower card for kids

How to make 3D heart flower card

What you need:

  • Our printable template (optional)
  • various colored craft paper (we printed our template on Astrobright starburst white paper, which has a nice feel)
  • drag
  • glue
  • pencil

Step by step guide

Print out our template (optional). We printed our template on white paper, since half of the template will be used as a card.

Cut out the pattern pieces.

Fold the card in half and set aside.

Draw a heart shape on floral colored cardstock – red, pink or purple are best colors for this project.

You will need a few hearts, you can make at least 4, but more will be better.

Also, sketch the stem (1x) and leaves (2x) on green paper (you can use two shades of green).

Take the card base. Apply glue to the card body and stick it to the card.

Do the same with the leaves and one of the hearts.

Fold the remaining section of hair in half.

Apply glue to the heart shape on the card.

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Glue the two folded hearts on top of the heart on the card.

Repeat until only one heart remains.

Again, apply glue to the entire heart, open the last heart and glue it on top of the two halves.

Press down to set the glue.

Done! Your 3D heart flower card is complete.

3D heart flower card

Beautiful right?

3D Heart Flower Crafts for Kids

Get 3D heart flower card template

3D Heart Flower Craft Pattern

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