3D Paper Bee Craft

Does your child like bugs? Spring is all about warmer weather, flowers and of course insects, so why not make a cute 3D paper bee craft.

Bring the season to life by making this simple paper craft with your kids. You can make a few and hang them like a wreath.

Bee Craft Paper for Kids

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DIY 3D bee

This 3D paper craft will be great to make with your children and if you want to make a bee that can make full circles with its head, grab your tools and join them I manufacture.

3D Bee Craft Paper

How to make 3D paper beekeeping

What you need:

  • pencil
  • black lining
  • black cardboard
  • white cardboard
  • yellow paper cover
  • blue cardboard
  • split battery
  • drag
  • glue
  • The ruler is circular
  • round awl

Materials used

Be crafty!

Step-by-step instructions

The body of the bee

Take yellow cardboard and mark a strip 4 cm wide.

Step 1

Draw a few small rectangles as shown in the picture.

Step 2

Cut the yellow strips (both rectangular) with scissors.

Step 3

Punch out two yellow circles.

Step 4

Connect the circles using split pins.

Step 5

Separate the two ends of the split pin to secure the circles together.

Step 6

Take the yellow strip and fold the rectangles.

Step 7

Apply some glue to the rectangles, stick them to one of the circles and start wrapping the fabric strip around the circles.

Step 8

Continue with the wrapping.

Step 9

Apply a little glue to the corner line of the stripe and press it into the paper with your finger until the glue hardens.

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This will be the bee’s body.

Step 10

Take black cardboard and cut three strips 1 cm wide.

Step 11

Glue the strips to the yellow body.

Step 12

Bee sting

Now draw an arrow on black cardstock.

Step 13

Cut the arrow with scissors.

Step 14

Apply some glue to the bottom part of the arrow and stick it inside the yellow body.

Leave the pointed part of the arrow on the outside as shown in the picture. That’s a bee sting.

Step 15


Take the blue cardboard and fold it in half.

Step 16

Draw a rectangle 2 cm long (the fold should be the starting point), then a teardrop shape.

Step 17

Cut out this shape with scissors.

Step 18

Open the folded piece. Those will be the bee’s wings.

Now apply some glue on the rectangles.

Step 19

Attach the wings to the back of the bee’s body.

Step 20

bee head

Take yellow cardboard and cut out 4 1cm long strips, then fold the ends of the strips as shown in the picture.

Step 22

Apply a little glue to the folded ends.

Step 23

Start gluing them to the upper circle.

Step 24

Make an X shape first.

Step 25

Glue the rest of the strip.

We just finished making the bee head.

Step 26


Draw two whiskers on black cardstock.

Step 27

Cut beard with scissors.

Step 28

Fold the bottom part of the whiskers and apply some glue on them.

Step 29

Glue the antennae to the bee’s head.

Step 30


Draw two round eyes. We created these eyes using black eyeliner and a ruler with a circle.

Step 31

Stick your eyes on your head. Place them next to each other to make the bee look funny.

Step 32

Draw a circular mouth with a black liner.

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Step 33

You’re done!

We find this bee so cute.

Make your own 3D bee paper craft

We hope you enjoy making it!

Paper bee craft

Now move its head in a circle.

3D paper bee craft ideas

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