Alphabet Finger Puppets

Making finger puppets is something many adults did as children. Your child can enjoy putting together these Alphabet Finger Puppets just like you did as a child and practicing letter recognition at the same time.

Finger puppets are a great way to learn the ABCs. Children really enjoy learning when it’s hands-on!

Alphabet finger puppets

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Children can play with these alphabet finger puppets for hours.

Making finger puppets is a great way to teach your child an important educational topic. You can also try making finger puppets with numbers.

How to make finger puppets according to the alphabet

What you need:

  • ABC finger puppet pattern
  • glue
  • drag
  • imagination

Step-by-step instructions

You will start this project by printing out the template.

Once the template is printed, you can start cutting out the finger puppets. You can pre-cut these for your kids if you want.

Next, you’ll go through each finger puppet and begin gluing the back ends together. This is what will make the finger puppet.

Children can easily help with this part. It can be a long process if you don’t have someone to help. Turn on the alphabet song and have fun with it!

Now comes the fun part of trying finger puppets. You can turn on the ABC song and practice singing along with the puppet show. The kids will have a fun time with this!

If you already have readers, you can also put words together! Print out a list of words that can be easily spelled.

Let your children play and use their imagination. Children enjoy this learning method because they get to explore and learn.

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Alphabet finger puppet pattern

See how many finger puppets you can put on one hand. How fun is that? Don’t worry, adults can play with these finger puppets too! In fact, you can give your child some interesting ideas for fun and learning.

Get alphabet finger puppets

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