Kindergarten Language Arts Quiet Book

Have you ever used a busy book with your child before? If not, here’s your chance! This fun preschool language arts quiet book is an engaging learning book that will keep your child learning for a while.

There are lots of fun learning activities in this book, such as letter recognition, word building, etc.

Kindergarten Language Arts Quiet Book - fun printable activity book for learning language arts.

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What you need to make this quiet preschool language arts book

Letter recognition

This quiet language arts book allows preschoolers to focus on letter recognition. Which letters go together?

Alphabet (Match uppercase and lowercase letters)

The interesting part of this section of the book is the juxtaposition of uppercase and lowercase letters.

Build words

An important part of learning to read is building words. Your preschooler can build words using this fun word building game.

Arrange vowels and consonants

Learning to tell the difference between vowels and consonants is important. Let your preschooler try their hand at this fun game!

Number of syllables

Believe it or not, an important part of reading is knowing and understanding the syllables.

Find words that rhyme

Learning is supposed to be fun. Make sure your preschooler makes time for this fun activity. Finding rhyming words is one of the best parts of learning to read.

Word Family’s CVC building

Building those CVC words is an essential part of learning to read. This quiet language arts book is sure to help teach your preschooler consonant-vowel-consonant words.

Simple reading comprehension

Keeping reading simple is important. The comprehension aspect of reading is also very important. Your preschooler will also enjoy this part of the learning book.

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You may need to do this activity once with your child. However, once they get the hang of it, this is a quiet preschool language arts book that they can make on their own.

Quiet Kindergarten Literature Book

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