Paper Circles Snowman Craft

Are you ready to build a 3D Paper Snowman? If there isn’t enough snow outside or the temperature is too cold but your child wants to make a snowman, why not make a paper snowman?

Paper snowman crafts for kids

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It’s winter now and we’re really enjoying the snow outside.

3D paper snowman crafts

Today we made a giant snowman and we decided to make a paper snowman to put in the house.

3D paper snowman crafts for kids

So come join us!

3D paper snowman crafts for kids to make

How to make 3D paper snowman crafts

What you need:

  • white cardboard
  • colored paper (optional)
  • orange cover
  • black cardboard
  • hot glue
  • glue
  • drag
  • round awl
  • wood stick
  • sharp eyes
  • black lining
  • The ruler is circular

Let’s start!

Instructions step by step

Punch 7 or eight circles from white cardstock using a circle hole punch.

If you choose to use thinner colored paper, punch out 11 or 12 circles.

step 1

Fold the circles in half.

Step 2

Apply a little glue to each circle.

Step 3

Glue the circles together as shown in the picture.

Step 4

Create two more 3D shapes like this.

Step 5

Punch 3 circles with a round hole punch. Fold these circles in half…

Step 6

…and apply a little glue to each one.

Step 7

Add folded circles to form a paper ball.

Step 8

Flatten the paper balls.

Step 9

Draw 3 different sized circles on each circle, starting from larger to smaller.

Follow the image provided.

Step 10

Cut out along the black line.

Step 11

String the circles onto the wooden stick and draw black buttons on the larger ones and a spotted mouth on the smallest button.

Step 12

Cut off the excess part of the wooden stick. Leave a 1 cm piece at the top.

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Step 13

Punch a black circle.

Step 14

Apply some hot glue on it and stick the wooden stick with the snowballs on it.

Step 15

Draw and cut out a hat, two tree branches and an orange nose.

Step 16

Attach them to the snow globes as shown in the picture.

Step 17

Put the googly eyes on.

Step 18

All has been done!

3D paper snowman crafts for kids to make

Isn’t it fun?

3D paper snowman crafts

We really like how this project turned out.

3D paper snowman crafts

It brings a smile to our faces.

3D paper snowman crafts for kids

You can make as many as you want in a variety of colors.

3D paper snowman crafts for kids

Hope you like it too.

3D paper snowman crafts for kids

Have fun!

3D paper snowman winter craft ideas

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