Alphabet Worksheets for Preschool and Kindergarten

Recognizing and writing the letters of the alphabet is a basic skill that children need to master before learning to read and write. These alphabet worksheets for preschool and kindergarten will help your child learn to recognize letters, understand beginning sounds, and write letters in both lowercase and uppercase.

Alphabet worksheets for preschool and kindergarten

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You can get all of these alphabets for free or pick them up at your convenience from our library or TpT store.

Alphabet worksheets for preschool and kindergarten

There are at least 12 worksheets for each letter of the alphabet, focusing on letter recognition, letter formation, beginning sounds, and review of letters of the alphabet.

The variety of tasks makes them perfect for younger and older children because you can give your students what they need to master each letter.

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Free printable alphabet worksheets for preschool and kindergarten

Who doesn’t love free worksheets? We know we do! You can get all of these individual alphabets for free. Just navigate to the letters you need for your child or student and grab these sets.

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Start audio worksheet A

Practice the letter A with apples, airplanes, anchors, ants as well as other objects that start with the letter A.

Kindergarten letter B worksheets

Start audio worksheet B

From birds to butterflies, there are plenty of adorable images that will help your students master all there is to know about the letter B.

Kindergarten letter C worksheet

Start the C sounds worksheet

Practice the letter C, emphasizing the hard C sound. Cats, crabs, crowns and caterpillars are all waiting for your child to learn with them.

Letter D worksheets for preschoolers

D starting sound

Dogs, dinosaurs, donkeys and more! There’s so much to explore as your child learns about the letter D. This is a great addition to hands-on learning.

Letter E preschool worksheets

Sound starts E

The elephant and the egg, along with many other objects that begin with the sound E, will help your little ones master this somewhat complex letter.

The letter F worksheet for preschool children

F starting sound

These fun frogs, foxes, fish, and a few other objects that start with the initial sound F will help your child master the letter F.

Letter G preschool worksheets

Start the G sounds worksheet

Goats, grapes, ghosts and more! Let your child focus on the hard g sound as they learn all about the initial G sound. 12 great worksheets await!

Letter H preschool worksheets

Start the H audio worksheet

Houses, horses, helicopters, hearts… All these cute images are here to help your young students learn the letter H. Like most other sets, this set also includes 12 attractive pages.

Kindergarten Letter I Worksheets

Start the audio worksheet I

Practice ego!

Letter J worksheet for preschool children

Start the J sounds worksheet

Practice J!

Kindergarten letter K worksheets

Start the K sounds worksheet

Practice K!

L letter worksheet for preschool children

Sound starting L

Practice the letter L!

Kindergarten letter M worksheet

First sound M

Practice M!

Kindergarten letter N worksheets

Sound starting N

Practice N!

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Letter O worksheets for preschoolers

Sound O Getting Started Worksheet

Practice O!

Kindergarten letter P worksheet

The sound starts P

Practice P!

Letter Q worksheet for preschoolers

First sound Q

Practice Q!

Kindergarten letter R worksheet

Start the R sounds worksheet

Practice R!

Letter S worksheet for preschoolers

Sound S Getting Started Worksheet

Practice the letter S!

T letter worksheet for preschoolers

Start the T sounds worksheet

Practice the letter T!

Kindergarten letter U worksheet

The sound starts U

Let’s practice the letter U!

Kindergarten chevron worksheet

Sound starts V

Let’s practice V!

Letter W worksheet for preschoolers

W starting sound

Practice the letter W

Letter X worksheet for preschoolers

X start sound

Practice X!

Kindergarten letter Y worksheet

The sound begins Y

Practice Medicine!

Letter Z worksheet for preschoolers

Z start sound

Practice Z!

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