Bat Painted Rocks

If your kids love rock painting, or are just starting their rock painting adventure, let them try these bat painting rocks!

It’s a great Halloween craft to make with kids and it’s so easy.

Handmade Stone Painted Bats

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This is a great project to get your kids excited about rock painting as it is a beginner project and the end result is truly amazing.

Bat rock art

If you make this as a Halloween craft, make sure to give the bats giant fangs – turn them into vampire bats (a drop of red on the fangs will make it becomes cooler).

Painted Stone Bats Crafts for Kids

This is a short project so it’s also great for the classroom – really economical if you have the opportunity to pick up rocks near you.

Painted Stone Bat Crafts for Kids to Make

Any bat fan will enjoy making this craft, especially in the fall where bats can be easily observed in the evening and at night.

Painted Stone Bats Crafts for Kids

After making the first shot, you will not be able to stop and soon you will end up with a cauldron of bats (this is the name for a group of bats!)

Painted Stone Bats Crafts for Kids

So are you ready to create with us?

How to make bat-shaped stones

What you need:

  • stone
  • acrylic color of your choice
  • sharp eyes
  • brush
  • a sheet of colored paper that matches the acrylic color
  • color paper of your choice (we used yellow paper)
  • drag
  • white cardboard
  • hot glue
  • pencil
  • circle object

Materials used

Instructions step by step

Take a rock and cover it with acrylic paint.

We used black for our stick. Let the color dry.

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Step 1

Take two googly eyes and attach them to the rock with hot glue.

Step 2

On the white cardboard, draw a tiny mouth with two sharp teeth.

Step 3

Use scissors to cut out the mouth.

Step 4

Apply some hot glue and glue the mouth onto the bat’s body.

Step 5

Draw two small wings. We used black cardstock for the wings.

Step 6

Cut out the wings and glue them to the back of the body with hot glue.

Step 7

On yellow cardstock, draw a circle using a circular object.

Step 8

Cut out the circle.

Step 9

Attach the bat to the circle by applying hot glue to the back of the bat.

Step 10

It’s all done here!

Painted Stone Bats Crafts for Kids

I hope you like this project.

Painted Stone Bats Crafts for Kids

Don’t forget to check out our other bat and Halloween crafts and stay tuned for more!

Painted Stone Bat Crafts for Kids to Make

Enjoy the stone bats!

Painted Stone Bat Crafts for Kids to Make

Do as much as you want…

Painted Stone Bat Crafts for Kids to Make

…with many different colors.

Stone Bat craft ideas

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