Butterfly Silhouette Art – Simple Art Idea for Kindergarten and Older Kids

Bring all your art supplies and let’s create a beautiful butterfly silhouette art piece.

There are many different ways to approach this project and many artistic techniques you can use.

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This easy art project is perfect to do in spring since butterflies are a popular theme.

There are several key points you can talk about when doing this, symmetry, negative space and the technique used to paint the background paper.

To do this project, you can first teach your child how to draw a butterfly, you can let them draw the butterfly freehand or you can even use a handy butterfly drawing template (get it at the end of this tutorial).

Butterfly silhouette art ideas for kids.

How to make butterfly silhouette art

Butterfly silhouette pattern

What you need:

  • black paper
  • optional template (available at the end of this guide)
  • art paper
  • coloring materials / torn paper
  • glue
  • drag

Follow the step-by-step instructions

Prepare your work area. Choose materials to color the background of your butterfly silhouette art project.

You can use a variety of materials;

– watercolor markers colored pencils chalk pastels paint paper

Color the background. Let dry if necessary.

Fold a piece of black paper in half and draw half a butterfly on the paper (white chalk works best).

Cut out a butterfly shape. You can also use our template.

Apply glue to the black paper and place it on top of the colored paper.

All has been done!

Some examples of butterfly silhouette art

Made with colorful paper strips.

With Crayola paint.

Butterfly Silhouette 2

Color with markers.

Butterfly silhouette 3

Watercolors were used to create this painting.

Butterfly silhouette 4

Oil pastels were used to make this painting.

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Butterfly silhouette 5

Another painting in watercolor.

Butterfly silhouette 6

Get butterfly silhouette template

Click for printable template: Butterfly Silhouette Art Template

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