Drip Painting Flowers – Spring Art Idea for Kindergarten

This is an easy art project even for the youngest of kids. Preschoolers, kindergarteners, and older kids can do drip flower art too because the end result can be so beautiful!

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If you’re doing this art idea with preschoolers, we recommend using baking paper liners to make the flowers like we did, while older kids can create their own flowers from a variety of materials.

We share a lot of craft ideas for kids, but I think art is even more important! This art project focuses on process because the main focus is on fine motor skills.

Drip Flower Drawing Art for Kids

Because you use an eyedropper to apply the paint to the fabric, this requires a bit of skill, patience, and a keen eye.

Since it uses many different shades of green, this can also be a good discussion topic to start discussing different tones and how mixing two different shades of green in different proportions can create many new tones.

Drip Flower Art Activity for Kids

How to Make a Drip Flower Art Project

What you need:

  • Oil paint
  • Dropper (large size for children)
  • easel
  • green paint (tempera or other washable paint, acrylic paint for older kids works too)
  • Water
  • cupcake liners in various colors
  • glue
  • drag

Older children can also make flowers from newspaper, fabric, or paint directly on fabric (plus many other options).

Step by step guide

Prepare the paint. For preschoolers, you will have to mix the paint for them, older children can be tasked with mixing the paint themselves. Add enough water to make the paint super thin (slightly diluted).

Fill the eyedropper with paint and begin dripping onto the fabric (tilt the fabric at an angle to let the paint drip).

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The top can be the “bottom” of your painting…. Or you can start dropping paint from different heights and let it sink to the bottom of the painting (this will then be the bottom of your painting). You can also mix them.

Continue to add paint and mix colors until you are satisfied with your painting.

Take a cupcake liner (or two or three). Push the bottom of the cupcake inward to reverse the colors (white on the outside and the colored part of the cupcake liner on the inside).

If you are making multi-colored flowers, cut out the inside of the baking paper.

Apply glue to the largest wax paper mold and glue a pre-cut smaller wax paper mold to it.

Repeat for a three-color version.

Now you have a beautiful colorful paper flower cupcake liner.

We created three different varieties for our drip flower art.

Apply glue to the fabric and stick the paper flowers on.

Done! You just created a beautiful canvas painting with drip painted flowers.

Drip Flower Art Project for Kids

Drip Flower Art Project

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