Shark Puppet Printable Template

Shark Attack! Are you ready for shark week? Or to teach your kids about sharks? Or just for fun? Print out the printable shark puppet template, let your kids color it in their favorite color (no rules from us!), and let the fish-munching fun begin.

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We are big fans of anything shark related, these fierce sea dwellers are certainly impressive and generally kids are quite fascinated with them. Our printable puppets are loads of fun – mixing and matching the characters and playing with them will spark dramatic play imagination.

If we had to pick a favorite animal, this shark puppet would be one of our top picks – as we mentioned – we are big fans of sharks (see also this printable shark puppet here).

Ready to try it? Just follow this simple guide!

How to make shark puppet print

Shark puppet print

What you need

Follow the step by step instructions for our printable shark puppet template

Print two sheets. The first sheet has the puppet and the second sheet has the 4 sets of fins (to save money if you are printing this project for your class). It is recommended to print on thicker printer paper although regular printer paper will work too.

Color the design. You don’t need to color the entire sheet of paper, just the middle third of the design (since the other two won’t be visible). Also color the fins from the second sheet of paper.

Cut the fins, separate the pectoral fins while connecting the dorsal fins together – you can cut the dorsal fin in one piece or cut it in two and glue it together later.

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Dorsal fin: fold along the dotted line. Apply glue to the fin and glue the dorsal fin together.

Let’s assemble the puppet.

Fold along all the dashed lines on the shark puppet template. Crease the folds to make them really crisp.

Leave the design facing the table. Flip it over (the glue side is perfect, but flipping it over will give you the same result). Apply glue to the flipped side.

Flip over and press down to really set the glue.

Fold the puppet into an M shape – now you can see the shark getting ready to bite anything that gets in its way.

Add accessories! Glue the dorsal fin onto the puppet.

And pectoral fins on the side.

Push your fingers into the holes on the puppet and you’re ready to chew.

Printable Shark Puppet

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