Butterfly Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft

This Butterfly Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft would make a great project for kids to do as they are learning the basics of the life cycle of butterflies.

A simple and fun butterfly craft for kindergarten that can also make the most fun little spring classroom decoration.

Windsock Butterfly Toilet Paper Roll Craft for Kids - Butterfly craft ideas for kids to make.

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Spring is the time for butterflies and making adorable butterfly crafts and this is definitely one of the cuter crafts. Make a dozen of these and watch them dance in the wind.

This windsock craft is perfect for the classroom (you can’t imagine how great these would look displayed outside or on a wall).

These are pretty easy to make, so they’re suitable for preschoolers and older. They are a great addition to a lesson about the life cycle of butterflies as well as for practicing some math concepts like symmetry.

Windsock butterfly scroll craft

How to make Windsock butterfly toilet paper roll crafts

What you need:

  • paper rolls (construction paper rolls, toilet paper rolls, kitchen tissue rolls)
  • blue paint
  • spring color tissue paper
  • Construction paper comes in many different colors
  • glue
  • drag
  • single punch machine
  • thread for hanging
  • black marker pen

Instructions step by step

Start by painting your paper roll with green paint.

Let the paint dry before you continue.

Using a single hole punch, punch two holes opposite each other on one side of the paper roll.

Thread the yarn through both holes…

Tie the rope together.

Cut long strips of tissue paper and glue them inside the toilet paper roll.

Choose the color of construction paper for the butterfly wings.

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Fold the paper in half and cut out the wings (make number 3).

Cut the butterfly body into different colors.

Glue the body to the wing.

Draw a face.

Decorate the wings.

And stick it on the toilet paper roll.

Completed! Your Butterfly Windsock toilet paper roll is ready to hang and dance in the wind.

Butterfly Windsock Paper Roll Craft Ideas

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