Cat Coloring Pages

If you have a cat lover at home or in your classroom, they will love these printable cat coloring pages! From simple designs with thick lines and spacious spaces to colors suitable for preschool and kindergarten children to more detailed designs that older children will love. All perfect for cat fans!

Printable cat coloring pages

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Printable cat coloring pages

Cats are wonderful animals, they make great pets with lots of fun personalities. They can quickly become your child’s best friend. If your child is obsessed with cats, they’ll love these, and once they’re done coloring, why not challenge them to try drawing a cat – we’ve got a handy guide that will make the task easy easy.

Free printable cat coloring pages

Out of the 40 cat coloring pages we have prepared 10 freebies ranging from the easiest designs for preschoolers to slightly more complex designs for older children or adults.

Ready to color your cat? Grab your colored pencils, markers, or any other coloring tools you like and get started.

Play with a butterfly

Play with a butterfly

Are you a cat lover? Cats are known to be very playful animals, like this one chasing butterflies. Bring it and its flying friend some color and have fun like them.

Cat sitting

Cute cat

What color is your favorite cat? You can color this orange, grey, black or any color you want. This cat coloring game will be great for younger kids as it has large areas and is easy to paint.

Looking out the window

Sit on the window shelf

We’ve all seen this image – a cat looking out the window, watching every movement outdoors. So, grab your best coloring tools and color the cat, the curtains and the wall.

Cat drinking water coloring sheet

Drinking milk

Is this a kitten or an adult cat? You decide by choosing what it is drinking – milk or water. Then have fun coloring its fur and enjoying the company of your new friend.

Cats and Hearts

Cat coloring page

This little adventurer is definitely in love. Maybe it’s observing your favorite cat in the neighbor’s garden. So grab those colored pencils and color in cats, grass, rocks and of course hearts.

Meow coloring page

Meow cat coloring sheet

How do cats sound? Start meowing while coloring this cute kitten with your favorite colors. This coloring page will come in handy anywhere and anytime.

Hungry cat coloring sheet

Kitten coloring page

Someone is hungry and about to eat the entire bowl of cat food. do you agree? Color this cute kitten and don’t forget to color the bib and background too.

funny bubbles

The cat in the cup

Who says cats don’t like baths? This certainly does. We don’t know if the cup is empty, full of water or maybe milk. So, color the cat coloring page and make those bubbles fly around.

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Cat smiled

Happy cat coloring sheet

Cats can actually laugh, have you noticed? So go grab your coloring supplies and make the cat even happier by giving it some color. You can also color the background to make it stand out even more.

Outdoor playing

Play on the grass

We have another young explorer hunting tulips and enjoying its life. The outdoors is filled with fun and surprises for these adorable pets—color the grass, cats, and tulips however you see fit.

Member exclusive cat coloring pages

Want more colors and other resources? Then sign up as a member and download all 40 cat coloring pages as well as various fun resources for your kids, all in one place.

We’re sharing a preview of the cat coloring pages that you can access in our members library.

Cat in the garden coloring sheet

Cat relax

Look at this amazing cat relaxing in the garden. Maybe it’s waiting for a mouse or simply enjoying the outdoors. Color the sky, sun, clouds, daffodils and majestic cat.

Cute cat coloring page

Adorable cat sitting

Do you have a pet cat? This page will be very useful for kindergarten students because it is simple enough to color. Don’t forget you can also color the curtains and make the cat stand out beautifully.

Happy cat coloring sheet

Happy cat coloring page

Your kids will love this happy cat coloring sheet. It’s fun and easy to color, plus kids can choose any color they want – from yellow, orange, brown, grey, black or other colors they want.

Cats are in love

Cats are in love

Look at these two cats sharing a moment and falling in love. You can color the heart yellow and create the effect that they are sitting under the stars at night and the heart is their Moon.

Cat with a flower

Catch Flowers

Some cats are very picky about their food. Maybe this one is having a snack, or it just wants to bring you a pretty flower to wish you a good day. Either way, color the cat however you want with your favorite supplies.

Pets are sleepy

Sleepy cat coloring sheet

Cats love to sleep and dream about their future adventures. And they need a lot of sleep. So grab those coloring supplies and color the sleepy cat coloring page.

Cute cat coloring page

Coloring picture of a sitting cat

Is this cute cat lost? Don’t worry, it has a tag on the collar. Help the cat find his way home by coloring his beautiful fur with your best coloring supplies.

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Cat with a playful kitten

Cat and kitten coloring pages

Isn’t this adorable? Mother cat and kittens are playing with a ball. This site is perfect for young artists who love to color.


Meowing cat coloring page

Cats can meow and yawn, or we can say they can also sing. This cat looks really happy and we recommend you take those markers and color them however you want.

Adorable cat with a flower

Easy cat coloring pages for preschool

Young children will love coloring this page. Say hello to the adorable cat wearing a flower on his head. It has large areas and would be perfect for coloring any day of the week.

Winter days

Winter days

Cats also love winter and especially catching snowflakes. Color this winter kitten and make his scarf the color you want.

Cat in love coloring sheet

Cat in love coloring sheet

Another beautiful kitten in love. Color the floating hearts and choose the most beautiful coloring supplies for the kitten. We’ll choose the orange marker, but the decision is entirely yours.

Cat box

Cat coloring page

Did you know cats love boxes? All kinds of them. So grab those colored pencils or markers and make this gift box and a cat as colorful as you want.

Kittens and butterflies

Butterfly on nose

Look at these two friends, a kitten and a butterfly enjoying each other’s company. A perfect coloring page for preschoolers and all kids who love cats.

Cat in a vase coloring page

Cat in a vase coloring sheet

This little guy climbed into a vase. Is it stuck or just having trouble in its new home? Color the vase and kitten patterns any color you want.

Play with a ball

Play with a ball

Have your child color this cat playing with a ball. It is easy to color and would be perfect for young children. Then run those markers and color the entire sheet.

Cat coloring sheet

Cat coloring page

Did someone say cat? Color the happy beard and the background to make it stand out beautifully. You can use many different colors for the caption and choose your favorite color to color the cat.

Funny cats

Easy cat coloring pages

Another beautiful cat coloring sheet. This kitten looks mischievous and we wonder what he is thinking. Maybe it’s just waiting for food or wants to play. Grab those coloring tools and work your magic.

Sleep on the table

Sleep on the table

We all know the scene – a cat taking over the table and all the higher ground. The cat is currently sleeping and this means it’s the right time to give it some more color.

Outdoor adventure

Outdoor adventure

Cats love being outdoors, running, playing in the grass and climbing trees. Here’s a cute page about a cat captured the moment a butterfly lands on its tail. Have fun coloring the cat your own way and don’t forget the butterflies, blades of grass and backgrounds.

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Tired cat coloring sheet

Peaceful cat coloring page

Most cats like to sleep throughout the day in preparation for their nighttime adventures. Like this, which is resting on a mat. Color your sleepy pet with your favorite colors.

Kittens and flowers

Cats and Flowers

Want to test your coloring skills on some details? The cat and flower coloring page will look great once you use vibrant colors. It’s perfect for older children and adults.

Staring through the window

Indoor cat

Cats love to stare out the window, just to check out what’s going on outside. So grab some markers, crayons, or other coloring supplies and color this cat coloring sheet.

Cats have hats

Cats have hats

Your kids will love this cat with hat coloring page. It’s easy and fun to color. We don’t know if this cat is happy wearing his tiny hat or wants another one for his other ear, but we do know he needs your help coloring it.

Adorable kitten with bow

Cat coloring page

Another adorable page for preschoolers; Let’s color the kitten and its bow. If you can color the background, this guy will really stand out when finished.

Play with a flower

Cat playing with flowers

If you watch cats, you will see that they love anything that moves. And this one is no different – ​​try to catch all the leaves blowing in the wind. Perfect for older children and adults too.

Explore outdoor coloring pages

Fun outdoor coloring pages

The fun never ends if you’re an outdoor cat. Have fun coloring the tree, bush, apple and kitten with your best coloring supplies.

Sit baby kitten

Sitting kitten coloring page

Look at those kitten eyes. It must have been fun, a bit tired playing, or maybe in need of a rest. Which color pencil will you choose to color it? That’s on you.

Cat with a bow coloring sheet

Cats have bows

Enjoy coloring another beautiful pet wearing a bow around its neck. Remember, you can add some color to the background and make the coloring page really pop.

Relax on the pillow


Isn’t it adorable? We love sleepy cats and this one certainly looks comfortable lying on three soft pillows. Have fun with this cat coloring game – it will be useful throughout the year.

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