Cats Clothespin Puppets

Cat lovers rejoice! We have a beautiful set of cat clothespin puppets for you.

Print out our four furry friends and let the fun begin.

Printable cat clothespin puppet

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Cats are the best, if you are a cat owner you will know what we are talking about. Dogs may be your best friend, but cats have personalities too.

If your child loves these little fur balls, they’ll love playing with this set of 4 cats. Combine with one or more of our clothespin puppet sets for even more fun.

Printable clothespin cat puppet

Watch this golden boy in action.

Cat clothespin puppet

How to make clothespin puppets for cats

What you need:

Step by step instructions

Print out our cat puppets. We recommend printing them on heavier stock.

Available in both a colored version and a black and white version for coloring.

We’re working in black and white, so the first thing to do is color the cats.

Since one of our cats is black and white, we decided we would color our cat black and white.

Once you’ve finished coloring, cut out the cat puppet.

Also cut along the line through the mouth.

Apply glue to the clip area of ​​the clothespin.

Glue the car puppet to the clothespin, with the top of the head on the top clip area and the bottom of the head so that the body is on the bottom.

Be careful not to get the clothespin stuck.

Done! Your clothespin cat puppet is finished.

Cat clothespin puppet

They are amazing, aren’t they?

Printable Cat Puppet Clothespin

Get these printable cat clothespin puppets

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