Christmas Tree Tissue Paper Bleed Art

This Christmas Tree Tissue Bleeding Art project was quite fun to make and it gave us a beautiful piece of art that we can bring out every year to enjoy.

Easy enough even for toddlers, this should be on your Christmas crafts list this year.

The art of bleeding paper from a Christmas tree - a great Christmas craft for children

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I love all the handprint Santas, reindeer footprints and finger-painted snowscapes as much as the next mom but sometimes I really prefer something more permanent.

Christmas tissue art crafts for kids

All you need are just 4 craft items to make this tissue bleeding plant that will be treasured on your walls once those little hands have grown up.

How to make bleeding art from Christmas tree tissue

You will need:

  • fabric, any size
  • green, blue, yellow, brown tissue paper
  • knot
  • glue
  • water in spray bottle


Instructions step by step

Cut or tear a pile of green and blue tissue paper into small pieces. They don’t need to be uniform in size, just small – 2 inches or less.

You won’t need much brown or yellow, just cut out a yellow star.

To help younger children, you can lightly draw a tree shape on the canvas with a pencil as a general guide for them to follow.

Spray fabric liberally with water.


Have your child start placing tissue paper in the tree space, 2 or 3 layers thick, the thicker the layer of tissue paper the darker your final color will be.

Once the greenery is completed, they will add the star and stem.

Finally, fill all remaining white space with blue.

Step 0

You may need to lightly spray the paper towel when working with water or add more water with a paintbrush, but if the paper is too wet it will melt.

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Let it sit for 20 minutes.

Carefully peel off the tissue paper…Step 1

…until it’s all removed.

Step 2

Let the water finish drying your canvas.

Step 3

Your child can then add dots of paint here and there and top with buttons to complete the tree.

Step 4

You can also use stickers or other small flat items for decoration.

Step 5

Don’t forget to let your child add the name and date to the back if possible, otherwise I can do it too.

Christmas tree paper bleed art for kids

You’re done.

Christmas tree paper bleed art idea

Project contributed by Jody.

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