Printable Christmas Coloring Pages – Many Free Sheets

Make sure your crayons (or colored pencils) are sharpened because we have lots of unique printable Christmas coloring pages for kids to share with you and many of them are available as a free printable PDF.

You’ll find it all, from super simple coloring pages with thick lines and large areas to colors perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, as well as more challenging coloring pages for Preschoolers and older children (or yourself) will love to color.

Want more fun coloring? Browse all our printable coloring pages for kids, we have over 1000 ready for you.

Printable Christmas coloring pages - lots of fun designs for all ages

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Christmas is a happy holiday so you can be sure that designing each of these 30+ Christmas coloring pages for kids is a fun experience, from the little screens inside the globe snow to the cute little penguin holding a Christmas gift. They also come in a huge variety, so you’re sure to find just the one for your kids to enjoy or for you to color in yourself.

Most of these Christmas coloring pages can be printed on a smaller scale (two pages per sheet) and used as Christmas cards. They are perfect for coloring at home or as a stress-free holiday activity for your child in the classroom.

Free Christmas coloring pages

Many of the coloring pages in this Christmas set are free (you can use them for personal use or in the classroom). To get a high quality PDF, simply click on the linked text below the image.

Singing Santa coloring page

This Santa is singing his favorite Christmas songs.

Print this Singing Santa coloring page


If you need an easy-to-color Christmas coloring sheet, this reindeer is perfect.

Print this Reindeer Christmas coloring page

Christmas coloring easy

This is another really simple design best suited for younger children.

Print this easy Santa image in color

Santa Claus brings many gifts

Get this Santa gift flyer

Christmas tree

Get this easy Christmas tree design

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Merry Christmas

Get this coloring sheet Santa Claus needs a holiday

Reindeer Christmas coloring page

Take this picture of a reindeer wearing a scarf to color

Gingerbread Man cookies are simple to color

Print this Christmas coloring page for toddlers

Happy elf

Print the Elf design in color

Christmas stockings

Color this festive stocking coloring sheet

Penguin wearing a sweater

Get the penguin in the sweater

Simple reindeer color palette

Get the reindeer with hat design

Decorative tree

Get a simple Christmas tree

Happy snowman

Print the festive Christmas snowman coloring page

Santa on a sleigh coloring page

Santa is ready to do all the gift deliveries. Send the last wave, oh god.

Trang welcomes Santa Claus in his sleigh

Festival elf

Christmas elf coloring page

Christmas is the one day of the year when the Christmas elves work extra, extra hard… This cheerful elf can’t wait to get colored (and get back to making toys for Santa to deliver).

Print this Christmas Elves coloring page

Christmas tree in snow globe

Christmas tree in snow globe coloring page

Who doesn’t love Christmas trees? We know we do! This fun Christmas tree is wrapped in an adorable snow globe. Once kids are done coloring on this coloring page, they can even try and learn how to draw a Christmas tree themselves.

Print this snow globe Christmas tree coloring page

Santa Claus coloring page

Santa Claus coloring page

Where would we be without Santa? Who will bring all the gifts to the good children?

Print this Santa coloring page

Large decorations

Jewelry coloring page

This large ornaments coloring page is perfect for toddlers to color. Easy and fun.

Print this decorative coloring page


Reindeer coloring page

This reindeer is ready to spring into action, sending his sleigh around the world at unimaginable speeds. All to ensure gifts get under the tree in time.

Print this reindeer coloring page

Added members-only Christmas coloring pages

Oh, and there’s more. I’ve designed 30 fun Christmas coloring pages, from super easy ones for toddlers and preschoolers to slightly more detailed ones for older kids.

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You can get the whole thing in our members area (as well as lots of other great printables)

Big snowman face

Christmas Coloring Pages Festive Snowman

Awesome snowman coloring pages. The holly detail on his hat makes it perfect for Christmas.

Christmas elf with a gift

Christmas elf coloring page

This elf has finished wrapping the gift and is ready to load it onto the sleigh. We wonder what the elf packed inside. Do you know?

Big-nosed reindeer

Rudolph the reindeer coloring page

Reindeer are definitely interesting! This little guy looks happier. We hope your children will enjoy coloring this Reindeer Christmas coloring page.

Happy snowman

Fun snowman coloring page

Holding a candy cane in one hand and a Christmas hat make this snowman look extremely festive. Once your children have finished drawing this coloring page, why not have them learn how to draw a snowman.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Elf Coloring Page

This coloring page makes a great gift – what better way to wish someone a Merry Christmas than with a fun coloring page like this?

Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread man coloring page

This looks cute enough to take a bite of.

Candy stick

Candy cane coloring page

Candy canes look cool and they are super easy to color. Great for all ages.

Big gingerbread man

Large Gingerbread Man Cookie Coloring Page

This large gingerbread man coloring page is perfect for young colorers.

Santa Claus in the chimney

Santa in the chimney Christmas coloring page

Santa is caught in action in this festive coloring page. Look at him waving from the chimney. Do you think he’s stuck?

Christmas stockings

Christmas stocking coloring page

Christmas stockings can contain lots of delicious or interesting treats. What could be hiding inside this?

Penguin Festival

Christmas penguin coloring page

This adorable little penguin couldn’t be happier. He or she has received a wonderful Christmas gift.

Santa’s head

Santa Claus coloring page

This large Santa coloring page is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Christmas lights on antlers

Christmas lights reindeer coloring page

This was so fun to draw. How did all those Christmas lights end up wrapped around reindeer antlers? With so many lights, the reindeer won’t need a shiny red nose to lead the way.

Christmas Bells on Antlers

Christmas bells coloring page

How sweet are these Christmas bells?


Christmas baubles coloring page

Three of these have no details, fill them in with one color or even better, add your own details.

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Simple reindeer

Simple reindeer coloring pages for toddlers

Large space for coloring and thick lines. A great Christmas coloring page for toddlers.

Christmas tree

Christmas tree coloring page.

Beautiful and easy to color, older kids can also add their own decorations to this Christmas tree.

Christmas sleigh

Christmas coloring pages

This reindeer is busy. He is responsible for bringing the Christmas tree to Santa’s house because Santa also has his own Christmas tree.


Snow globe coloring page

A wonderful winter Christmas scene at Snow Globe.


What a wonderful little tree. Easy to color too.

Gingerbread man in a snow globe

Christmas snow globe coloring page

Now this Christmas coloring game will definitely be fun.

Candy stick

Candy cane coloring page

Can you really have too much candy? We think not!

Gift boxChristmas gift coloring page

There are so many great things about Christmas, but if you ask the kids, we’re sure most will say gifts are the best.

Santa’s ingenuity

Christmas sleigh coloring page

This sleigh is not filled with gifts, a large Christmas tree is taking up all the space.

Merry Christmas lights

Say it with Christmas lights! Each light holds a letter, all together spelling out Merry Christmas.


Quick view of all Christmas coloring pages.

Christmas coloring page

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