Printable Christmas Quiet Book

The Christmas season brings a brand new activity book for your children to learn from – print our Quiet Christmas printable, assemble it and start the fun learning process.

This book covers a wide range of basic skills, making it suitable for preschool, kindergarten and even first grade – use them all or choose the activity sheets that best suit your child’s needs.

A Quiet Christmas Printable Book for Kids

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In this Christmas learning book, your children will discover lots of activities.

You can print out just the ones that best meet your child’s needs or print them all. Need more? Make this learning book even more fun by adding pages from our other activity books, we already have quite a few in our collection.

What you need to make this error activity book

  • Our printable Christmas activity book
  • pressing machine and pressing bags
  • protect the optional page
  • adhesives
  • paper and printer
  • Dot Velcro or similar
  • drag
  • adhesive to fix small parts to the lamination bag

Quiet Christmas Book Printable Activity Pages Instructions

There are 11 different activities included in this activity book, so there are lots of ways to learn.

Christmas wreaths match the color word

This activity is great for learning color words – if your child can’t read yet, you can color the circles below with crayons to help them.

Have children read the color words aloud and match the circles to that color. As they do, the Christmas wreath will look more and more beautiful.

Count the jewelry

Can your child count to 8? This tree matching activity will require children to count all the ornaments on each tree and match them to the correct tree stump.

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Reindeer emotions

Let your child explore a variety of emotions and mental states with this fun combination activity.

Have children read the emotions and try to match the reindeer head with the correct one.

Simple addition

If you have advanced students who already know addition, why not give them this fun reindeer addition worksheet.

Have children combine the problem with the solution.

Color sample

Have children look at 3 colored spots in each box and ask them to find a gift with those 3 colors.


Let’s decorate Christmas three!

And while you’re at it, why not practice some basic shapes. This is great for preschool.

Alphabet Christmas lights

This activity has 4 sheets of paper – black and white lights with uppercase and lowercase letters and colored lights too.

This means you can give your child letter recognition practice by having them match uppercase letters to uppercase letters and lowercase letters to lowercase letters. Or you can ask them to match uppercase letters with lowercase letters.

Mix and match Christmas characters

This is a fun one. While you can ask your child to complete puzzles and build a reindeer, Elf, gingerbread man, and Santa, you can also ask them to mix and match body parts. their bodies to create many new characters.

Why isn’t there a Santa Claus with a reindeer head? Or a gingerbread man with an elf’s head and Santa’s feet? There are many possibilities.

Sort size

Sort gifts by size, smallest to largest, largest to smallest, or in random order.

Number meaning

Let your child work on number sense. This activity will help children practice number sense with numbers up to 5.

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You should hang 3 stockings on each fireplace, matching the stockings to the correct fireplace.

Build an elf

There are lots of different mouth and eye expressions you can use to create the goofiest elf.

Tracing the alphabet

It’s time to put those writing skills to the test. We’ve had a lot of fun with the other activities, so why not wrap it up with a few posts.

Wishing you happy studying!

Christmas Quiet Book Printable

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