Construction Paper Chick Craft

Oh, we really love easy Easter paper crafts and this construction paper chick craft is just that. A fun project even for little ones and an easy decoration for kids.

This is also a fun classroom craft and if you have each student make one, it makes the cutest little bulletin board (just don’t need a paper base).

You can even make a huge poster out of cardboard to decorate your home or classroom.

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Oh, the fun of Easter crafts! They’re all about chicks, bunnies, and eggs – and we love doing fun projects with all of them. Oh, and sheep! So many fun craft themes.

Since we love paper crafts, this one was just waiting to be made – we made a simple paper bunny similar to this a while ago and it turned out great.

I think these paper girls are even cooler, I mean look how silly one of them looks – see the eyes? Crazy!

Paper Chicken Crafts for Kids

How to make a paper chicken craft

If you make the chicks big enough, you can even hide an Easter egg (a plastic egg filled with food?) inside its body. What a fun surprise.

What you need:

  • bright yellow construction paper
  • orange construction paper
  • green construction paper
  • vibrating eye patch
  • glue
  • drag

Ready? Let’s get crafting!

Watch Video Tutorial

Step by step instructions

Grab your scissors! Just a quick tip – if you’re doing this activity in class and you’re planning on cutting everything out, we recommend using a paper cutter instead.

Cut two strips of yellow cardstock, one slightly wider and the other slightly thinner and shorter.
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Also, cut out two wing shapes.

Apply a smaller amount of glue to one end of the paper strip…

…and glue it to the other end of the paper strip, forming a paper tube.

Repeat with the smaller strip of yellow paper.

Apply glue to one of the paper tubes…

…and glue them on top of each other. You have finished the body of your paper chicken.

Glue the wings to the body. We glued our wings to the inside of the larger paper tube.

Cut the base out of green cardstock.

Cut the legs out of orange cardstock.

Also, trim the beak while you’re at it.

Take the small orange legs and glue them to the green base.

Apply glue to the base, next to and slightly protruding from the foot, then glue to the body of the paper chicken.

Stick to beak.

And vibrating eye patches or bulging eyes.

All has been done!

Cute construction paper crafts

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