DIY Flower Paper Rings – Handy Craft Template Included

If you liked our previous paper ring or rolled paper flower ideas, you’ll love these adorable paper flower rings (and we have a handy template to make them easy for you).

These are incredibly beautiful and really easy to make. You can make them in any color, but we really like the bright spring colors the best.

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We love pretty paper rings (check out our insect paper rings too, they’re perfect for spring).

This is a lovely classroom craft (think Mother’s Day, these crafts along with a beautiful personalized card make the cutest little project and gift. They are also fun to do at birthday parties or as an after school activity to do with your kids.

No need to stick to rings only, use our swirl flower pattern to make decorations for hair clips, bracelets and other jewelry (paper jewelry and more).

Ready to make your own colorful rings? Print out the template, grab the most colorful paper you can afford, and get crafting!

Handmade paper flower rings for kidsHow to Make a Paper Flower Ring With Our Template

What you need:

  • our paper flower ring template (you can get it at the end of this tutorial)
  • colorful paper for flowers we use both craft paper and regular paper and both work fine – in this case we use Astrobrights because the colors are so pretty!
  • dark green construction paper (we used Astrobrights Gamma Green)
  • brighter green paper for leaves
  • printer
  • drag
  • glue dots – you can also use regular white glue, but glue dots are much more effective and easier to use in these particular projects (kids love them too).
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Alternatively, you can also print these rings on white (heavier) paper and let your child color and decorate them as they like.

Watch Video Tutorial

Or follow our step-by-step guide

Print out the template (it’s at the end of the tutorial). Print out the flowers on floral (the one we’re making is aptly named – “Outrageous Orchid”) and the ring base on green.

The base is best printed on heavy paper, while the flowers can also be printed on regular weight paper (printing paper).

Cut out the template. For a ring, you will need a base and a swirl.

You can also trace the leaves (included in the flower paper) or cut them out yourself without using a template.

Cut along the swirl line – follow that line. Now if you use the template, the lines may show a little on your ring.

Now comes the part that seems difficult but is actually not that difficult.

Start rolling the spiral from the outer edge (it may be a little difficult at first, but it’s really not that difficult).

Continue rolling in a spiral.

When you get to the end – press a large dot of glue into the last section (the middle part of the spiral).

Press the rolled section into the glue dot (the glue dot is the base for your flower).

Press firmly (not too firmly so as not to damage the flower) and voila you have a small curled rose.

Beautiful right?

Cut two small leaves from bright green paper (or skip this step, depending on how you want your paper flower ring to look).
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Make the ring

Now take your green ring base. You will see a dashed line next to the half circle. Cut along that dashed line on both sides.

You have made two slits along the dashed lines, now it is time to create the loop.

All you have to do is slide one slot into the other.

Glue another large piece of glue to the base of the ring.

Glue the two leaves to the glue dot – at the edge – not covering the entire glue dot.

Take the rolled flower and press it into the ring – into the glue dot.

Done! All that’s left is to put the ring on your finger.

Isn’t that great?

Beautiful flower paper ring

Get the flower paper ring sample here

Remember that different printer brands may print templates at different sizes.

Get the pattern here: Spiral Flower Ring

Happy crafting!

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