Construction Paper Ladybug on a Leaf

Time to make ladybugs! We love making ladybugs and this paper ladybug on a leaf is our latest addition to our list of ladybug related things.

Spring Ladybug Leaf Cardboard Crafts for Kids #springcrafts #ladybugcrafts #craftsforkids

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Last year we made these adorable pom pom caterpillars on a leaf and they were extremely popular. The leaf makes a great craft stand and is easy for kids to take home (if doing it in class) and display.

Insects are a great spring craft project for kids, these little creatures are a favorite theme in preschool and kindergarten. While most preschoolers don’t have the skills to do this project themselves, older kids will be able to do it.

This ladybug craft is also a fun craft for teachers to use as classroom decor (ladybug spring bulletin board anyone?).

Overall cute for all ages!

Ready to make your own? Let’s get crafting!

Paper ladybug on leaf

How to make a ladybug out of construction paper on a leaf

What you need:

  • black construction paper
  • red construction paper
  • green construction paper (bright green)
  • glue
  • vibrating eye patch (optional)
  • dark blue marker
  • black marker
  • drag
  • glue

While working with construction paper is best, regular paper works well for the ladybug part as well. Leaves work best on construction paper.

Watch Video Tutorial

Step by step instructions

For small children, this step should be done at the end, when the child is about the size of the ladybug, as the leaves need to be larger than the ladybug.

Older children can start by drawing a leaf shape on green cardstock. Be generous with the size :).

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Cut out the leaves.

Cut two strips of black paper.

One needs to be wider than the other. The wider one will be used to make the body of the paper ladybug and the other will be used to make the head.

Roll it up in a roll of paper. If you are not happy with the shape (if it is too big), cut off some of the paper.

Tape the two ends together to form a roll.

Do the same with the remaining strip of paper.

The wider strip of paper must be larger (the roll of paper is larger) than the other strip of paper because the body is larger than the head.

Glue both ladybug cardboard pieces to the leaf, one next to the other.

Glue two moving eye patches, fake eyes or eyes cut out of paper.

Cut out two half circles – or cut out one circle and cut it in half – whichever you find easier.

Draw dots on a circle or semicircle.

If you haven’t already, cut a circle of red construction paper in half.

Glue wings to the ladybug using construction paper.

Ladybug Construction Paper Craft

Ladybug Leaf Cardboard Craft

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