Cotton Ball Ghost Craft for Kids

This cotton ball ghost craft for kids will take all your fear of ghosts away! Who could be scared of soft, fluffy ghosts, right? This ghost craft is perfect for the classroom, as you can make a fun, fluffy Halloween wreath out of it.

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Cotton ball ghost crafts for kids. Easy Halloween craft ideas for kids.

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This cotton ball craft is geared towards younger children so it’s a fun project for preschoolers as well as kindergarteners with help.

How to make cotton ghost crafts for kids

Cotton Ball Craft

What you need:

  • pompon
  • black pom pom
  • cleaning tube (or another pom pom)
  • glue
  • rope
  • drag
  • cardboard (paper plates are great too)

Step by step guide

Draw a ghost on cardboard or a paper plate.

If you are doing this Halloween activity with young children, be prepared for this step.

Older children can draw their own ghost.

Cut out a ghost shape from cardboard or a paper plate.

Apply a small amount of glue (white school glue works well) to a small area and stick a cotton pad on it.

Apply more glue and add another cotton ball.

Continue until the entire ghost surface of the paper plate or cardboard is covered with cotton balls.

Add a sufficient amount of glue to the black cotton ball and stick it onto the ghost cotton ball.

Repeat with another black pom pom.

Cut a small piece of black tubing, bend it into a U shape and glue it. Stick it to the ghost.

Alternatively, you can also use black paper.

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And that’s it your cotton ball craft is done.

Cotton Ball Halloween Crafts

Cotton Ghost Crafts for Kids

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