Cotton Ball Sheep


Sheep are furry animals and these cotton wool sheep capture just that!

If you have any spare cotton balls and don’t know what to do with them, this Easter craft is just the thing.

Handmade sheep cotton wool for children

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Soft and sweet – this is exactly what this handmade Easter Fluffy Lamb is all about.

Craft of making sheep with cotton wool for children

Just look at them with their sparkling eyes and soft bodies…

Cotton wool crafts for children to make

How to make crafts with cotton wool

What you need:

  • black cardboard
  • round awl
  • glue
  • sharp eyes
  • cotton
  • pencil
  • drag

Materials used

Let’s start!

Instructions step by step

Punch a circle using the circle punch.

Step 1

Draw and cut out two sheep legs. Use black cardboard.

Step 2

Cut a black stripe.

Step 3

Start rolling the stripe as shown in the picture. We will use it as a tail.

Step 4

Glue the legs and tail to the black circle.

Step 5

Make a few cotton balls.

Step 6

Start gluing them to the other side of the black circle.

Step 7

Draw a small sheep head as shown in the picture.

Step 8

Cut out the head shape with scissors.

Step 9

Apply some glue to the tip and place it on top of the cotton balls on one side.

Step 10

Take two googly eyes and place them on the head.

Step 11

All has been done!

I hope you find this sheep funny and adorable.

Cotton wool crafts for children to make

We have lots of other sheep craft ideas on the site – feel free to browse and you’ll be creating all sorts of them in no time.

Craft of making sheep with cotton wool for children

Maybe you’ll like to make other versions.

See you soon with new projects!

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Cotton ball sheep craft ideas

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