Mother’s Day Flower Card

If you want to create a great card for Mother’s Day, this Mother’s Day floral card will not fail to impress.

Everyone loves receiving a card, and this card is so perfect it has a flower that never wilts so what’s not to love.

Mother's day card idea with paper flowers

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Mother's Day floral card

We bet you already have the supplies you need to make this card in your drawer (you mainly need paper, glue, and scissors), so let’s get started.

Mother's Day Spring Flowers Crafts

How to make Mother’s Day flower cards

What you need:

  • blue cardstock paper/cardboard (or any color you like)
  • Pink/red paper for the flower (or any color you like)
  • yellow paper
  • green paper
  • glue
  • double-sided foam tape
  • drag
  • round awl
  • pencil
  • The ruler is circular

Materials used

Step-by-step instructions

A card

Take the blue paper…

Step 1

…and fold it in half.

Step 2

Measure 4 cm horizontally and 3 cm vertically, then draw the lines.

Our markings are a little light on the photo, but hopefully you can see them.

Step 3

Next, use scissors to cut along the marked lines.

This is the card. It will open like a book.

Step 4

Take your scissors again and round all the corners.

Step 5

Flower branches

Take green paper and cut two 1 cm strips.

Step 6

Divide each green strip into four parts, for a total of eight parts.

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Step 7

Bend each green piece and glue its ends together. See pictures for instructions.

Step 8

Now we will start forming the stem. Start at the bottom of the card and glue a piece of green onto the blue cardstock.

Step 9

Continue pasting more green parts above it.

Step 10

Complete the stem by gluing the rest of the green part.

Step 11

The leaves

Cut a 6cm square and fold it in half.

Step 12

Draw a leaf with a pencil as shown in the picture.

Step 13

Cut out the leaf and unfold the folded green paper. You should have two green leaves connected together.

Step 14

Apply a little glue to the back of the leaves and stick them under one of the stem sections (somewhere in the middle of the stem).

Step 15


Punch out a yellow circle with a circle punch.

Step 16

Glue it on top of the tree trunk.

Step 17

Take the pink paper and use scissors to cut two 1.5 cm long strips.

Step 18

Divide each pink stripe into four parts, for a total of eight parts.

Step 19

Bend each pink piece and glue its ends together like we did with the green paper before.

Step 20

Arrange the pink pieces as shown in the picture and glue them to the yellow circle.

Step 21

Now cut two pink strips 1 cm long.

Step 22

Divide them again into four parts, so you will have a total of eight parts.

Step 23

Bend them and glue their ends together.

Step 24

Arrange them “inside” the first row of pink flowers and glue them to the yellow circle.

Step 25

Now cut two more pink strips. Make them 6mm wide.

Step 26

Divide them into four parts, for a total of eight parts.

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Step 27

Bend them and glue their ends together like we did with the previous ones.

Step 28

Arrange them “inside” the second row of flowers and glue them with quality glue so they stay in place.

Step 29

Take a circular ruler and trace a small circle on the yellow paper to fill the middle of the flower.

Step 30

Cut out the yellow circle with scissors.

Step 31

Apply several layers of double-sided foam tape to this circle.

Step 32

Attach the circle to the center of the flower as shown in the picture.

Last step

And you’re done!

Mother's Day confetti card

You can make as many as you want in a variety of colors.

Mother's Day spring flower card

Now think of a message you want to write inside, write it and your Mother’s Day card is ready.

Mother's day flower card craft ideas

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