Craft Stick Bat – Recycled Popsicle Stick

If you’re looking for the simplest and most economical way to make bat crafts, make this bat craft! It could be a completely recycled Halloween craft and even if not it’s an inexpensive one which makes it perfect for the classroom.

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Handmade bat craft ideas

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We love bats! We recently made a paper plate bat craft, we already have instructions on how to make toilet roll bats so making one from popsicle sticks (a popular craft supply other variables) is unquestionable.

How to make a handmade stick

What you need:

  • craft sticks (jumbo craft sticks or recycled ice cream sticks)
  • black paper (or recycled paper painted black)
  • googly eye stickers
  • paint brush
  • white chalk marker
  • glue

Step-by-step instructions

Start by painting the craft stick with black paint.

Once you have finished painting the craft stick, let the paint dry. Once dry, choose two googly eye stickers and glue them to the craft stick near the top.

Draw a smile and a pair of fangs under the eyes with white chalk.

Take a small piece of black paper (or black painted paper) and fold it in half.

Cut out the shape of a bat wing.

Apply glue to craft sticks or wings…

…and put them together.

That’s it, your craft stick is complete.

Handmade bats

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