Design a Snow Globe Template

What if you could design your own snow globe? This holiday season you can! Check out these Snow Globe Designs and get creative with your kids.

Designing your own snow globe allows creativity and fun to happen! The best part is that your kids can decorate the globe however they want.

Design a snow globe craft template for kids

A snow globe is a blank slate, meaning you can draw anything you want inside the globe. This will bring a lot of fun to children and adults!

How to turn this design into a snow globe pattern

What you need:

Step-by-step instructions

Designing a snow globe is one of the fun activities you can do when the weather finally turns cold. Whenever you decide to start this project, simply print out the template to get started.

Next, you will draw your design inside the snow globe. Isn’t that fun?! Now is your chance to get creative.

Go ahead and color your design. This snow globe example has a cute top hat!

Next, the snow globe design will be cut out.

After cutting, you will choose a piece of paper to paste.

An example is to use orange construction paper, but you can choose any color.

Here’s another snow globe design you can check out!

Snow globe design 1

If you’re feeling festive with a Christmas tree then why not try this idea.

Design a snow globe 2

This snow globe craft is fun and ideal for a variety of ages. You can’t go wrong in this profession with the children in your life.

Design a snow globe 3

These snow globe design cards also make great holiday cards. People love receiving holiday cards in the mail! How will you decorate your snow globe?

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Get the snow globe template design here

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