Christmas Pop Up Cards

What if you could create a pop-up card that makes your child laugh and smile? Introducing these Christmas Pop-up Cards you can make for the holidays.

When you close this tab, the character will return. However, when you open the card, they pop out again. You can easily do this!

Christmas pop up card template

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There are many characters that are part of this pop-up craft. Let your child choose a character they want to make and go for it!

How to make Christmas pop up cards

What you need:

Step-by-step instructions

If you’re ready to make a Christmas Pop-up Card, you can start by printing out your favorite template. Which model will be your favorite?

Look at all the fun patterns to choose from!

You can also print out one of the templates in color. If your child just wants to print out a pattern and put it together, this is a great option.

Go ahead and cut out the pattern of your choice.

Once printed, fold it in half.

Cut along the dotted lines to cut out the mouth.

The result will be like this!

Pay attention to the corners of your mouth….

And then fold it as you see in the picture.

As you can see, it gives the mouth a popped look.

Fold the card over to maintain the crease.

Once opened, you can see the results. How adorable is that pop-up mouth?

Now you will take the glue and glue the back of the template to a piece of red construction paper.

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Now, when the tag is opened or closed, the mouth will also open and close.

Reindeer pop-up card

You can pass these cards around for the holidays or enjoy them as a craft in your family.

Santa pop up Christmas card template

Snowman pop-up Christmas card template

Elf Christmas popup card template

Christmas pop up card template

Get pop-up Christmas cards here

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