Easy Folded Paper Fish Craft

Be it a summer project or just a fun activity to celebrate the inhabitants of seas, ponds, lakes and rivers, this easy-to-fold paper fish craft is a fun project to make.

What’s even more fun is that this makes a great group project for the classroom. Just make a giant drawing and ask each child to create (and name) a fish of their own.

Easy folding paper fish craft for kids

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Fish are a great subject for all kinds of summer crafts for kids. If you’ve got a fish box at home, they’ll love this – plus print out some of our fun fish coloring pages or even show your children how to draw a fish themselves.

How to make easy fish crafts with folded paper

What you need:

  • colorful paper (blue or white for water, orange, red for fish, green for grass – other colors are fine)
  • sharp eyes
  • drag
  • glue (older children can also use staples)
  • pen (optional)

Step-by-step instructions

Create a background – you can work on a regular sheet of paper (blue) or cut out a circle – create a tank or “outside the submarine” view of your craft.

Cut out seagrass shapes from green paper and glue them onto your background. Cut if necessary.

For the fish, take a square piece of paper and start folding it – creating an accordion fold.

Fold the entire paper back.

Once folded, fold it in half.

Apply glue to stick the ends together or use a stapler.

Cut small triangles for fish tails and glue them onto the background.

Apply glue (school glue or glue gun is best) on the fish’s body and stick it to the background (aligning the body with the tail).

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Gently press and hold for a moment to let the glue set.

Do the same with the other fish.

Add googly eyes.

You can also draw bubbles.

That’s it, your origami fish dish is complete.

Make as much as you want!

Easy fish paper craft folding

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