Movable Donkey Paper Doll

When you go to a farm and see a cute donkey, it will definitely make you smile! Not only do donkeys look adorable, but they’re also fun to engage in craft time.

This movable donkey paper doll is a great choice for arts and crafts time.

Moving donkey doll

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Movable donkey doll crafts

If you like making Animal Crafts, you can make a movable bird paper doll to play with your donkey.

How to make a moving donkey paper doll

What you need:

  • Movable trick paper doll model
  • Cai chisel lotus
  • Rope
  • Crafting sticks
  • Colored pencils or markers
  • Drag
  • Staple

Step-by-step instructions

Need step-by-step instructions for making this moving donkey? You’ll start by printing out the template. Then, spend some time coloring the donkey.

Cutting a donkey can be a bit complicated for little ones because there are so many twists and turns. Be ready to help if necessary.

Use a hole punch or whatever you have on hand to poke the indicated holes in the donkey.

Take a crafting stick and carry it behind the donkey. The manual stick is optional, but it gives the donkey a support when you want to move it.

Use paper ties to attach legs to the donkey.

This is quite simple but also a great exercise for little hands as it helps with fine motor movements.

Now you will take the rope and add it to the movable donkey as shown below.

You will make a small tie at the end. Make it a little loose because the wire needs to be able to move back and forth.

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Now you can move the donkey by walking it with a popsicle stick or moving it with a rope.

The donkey doll model can move

Either way, at the end of this craft you will have a paper doll that will provide hours of fun.

Take the time to make some of these moving donkeys so you can make playtime even more fun!

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Trick paper dolls

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