Easy Paper Circle Red Cardinal Craft

Create a wonderful winter scene by making this adorable and easy red circle paper craft with your kids. This is a great craft for the winter classroom because once your child is done creating the scene, it can be used as a fun bulletin board display.

This dish is really easy to make so it is also suitable for children of preschool and kindergarten age.

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How to make circles with Red Cardinal Craft paper

What you need:

  • pencil
  • drag
  • glue
  • colored paper (light blue, brown, red and orange)
  • black marker
  • white chalk marker
  • two innocent eyes

Step-by-step instructions

Start with a sheet of blue paper as the background. It is best to use construction paper for this. You can fix it to the table with tape.

Step 1


Have your child cut a wider strip of brown paper. They can use wavy scissors to cut along one side of the trunk to make the trunk look more natural or keep the trunk simple and straight.

Apply glue to the paper strip and stick it to the background (on the left or right edge).

Step 2


Draw a long branch on brown construction paper.

Step 3

Cut it out and glue it onto the background paper.

Step 4

Ask them to create another (shorter) branch and stick it below the first branch.

Step 5

Tip: Instead of using brown construction paper, your child can also draw trees and branches (or just branches) with paint or markers.


Using a white marker, have your child draw lines on the edge of the tree and on the tip of each branch.

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Step 6

Red cardinal bird

It’s time to create red cardinals!

Cut out a red circle. If you do this as a class project, we recommend using a large round paper punch. For younger children, punch out the circles first and older children (preschool +) will enjoy making the circles themselves.

Step 7

The wing

Cut into circles, from edge to middle.

Tip: to make things easier, fold the circle in half to create folds that your child can use as a guide for where to cut.

Step 8

Now fold a quarter of the circle down.

Step 9


Draw a large black dot for the cardinal’s eye, which is, after all, one of the most important features of this bird.

Step 10

Let the kids glue on a googly eye or googly eye sticker.

Step 11


To make the beak, have your child cut out an orange or yellow triangle and glue it to the bird.

Step 12

The cardinal bird is almost finished. Have children glue near the tree, just above the branches.

Step 13

Following the steps above, children can create another red cardinal or two and glue it to the end of the branch opposite the first bird. If they wanted they could just make a bird.

Step 14


Draw the foot with a black marker, making simple lines.

Step 15


Have children draw small dots with white chalk.

Tip: for good fine motor practice, kids can also use Q-tips and dip them in paint to make snowflakes.

Step 16

The red paper round cardinal bird craft is complete!

Red cardinal handmade paper

What a fun and easy idea, right?

Red Cardinal paper circle craft idea

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