Egg Carton Bee Craft

Using an egg carton and some paint, let the kids make the cutest cartoon bee egg crafts. This is an easy craft, suitable for preschool children (and up). With some help, this project can also be done in preschool, but you will have to cut out the egg carton first.

This dish can be made all year round, but the best time to make it is in the spring or summer.

Crafts from bee egg boxes for children

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If your family loves eggs, chances are the egg cartons are overflowing. Why let them go to waste when you can recycle them and use them in all kinds of crafts to make with the kids?

Handmade recycled bee egg cartons

Bees are especially popular as a subject for spring crafts.

Handmade bee eggs

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How to make crafts from bee egg boxes

What you need:

  • pencil
  • drag
  • glue
  • egg carton
  • paint (yellow, black and pink)
  • paint brush
  • black paper
  • light blue paper
  • black marker
  • two innocent eyes

Step-by-step instructions


Start by sketching the bee’s body. Draw the outline of the body shape on the two parts of the egg carton.

Step 1

Let older children cut the shape themselves. Younger people will need your help.

Step 2

Color the body with yellow paint.

Step 3


Fold a piece of light blue paper in half, then draw a bee wing touching the fold – this way your child will get a pair of symmetrical wings.

Step 4

Have children cut out pictures.

Step 5

Then, unfold it and stick it to the back of the bee’s body.

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Step 6


Have your child fold a piece of black paper in half, draw an antenna and cut it out to get two.

Step 7

Glue the antennae to the back of the bee’s head.

Step 8


Have them use googly eyes and attach them to their heads.

Step 9

Use a black marker to draw a smiling mouth.

Step 10

Draw black lines with a brush or use a black marker to create lines on the bee’s body.

Step 11

Ask them to redraw the lines again to make them bolder.

Step 12

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It’s time to create a stinger by cutting a thin triangle from black paper and gluing it to the bottom part of the body.

Step 13


To make the bee more beautiful, have them draw two dots on each side of the bee’s face using pink acrylic paint.

Step 14

Bee making using egg boxes is ready to fly in the sky!

Beekeeping profession

Optionally, kids can tape a piece of yarn to the back of the bee and hang it anywhere they like.

Craft ideas from bee egg crates

Bee egg craft ideas

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