Egg Carton Flowers – Recycled Egg Carton Crafts

Recycled crafts are the best. If you have a few egg cartons (or similar) use them to make these gorgeous egg carton flowers. No need to use egg cartons, we use that term loosely as many types of cartoons will do the same job – some drink cartons, chocolate egg cartoons….

Create beautiful DIY egg carton flowers. This egg carton craft for kids is perfect for spring and would make the best Mother's Day gift for kids. Recycled crafts are the best. Kindergarten friendly.

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In this simple tutorial you will learn how to make flowers from egg cartons, and the flowers look absolutely stunning. These flowers are suitable for many age groups as they are quite easy to make and look beautiful so they will be suitable for older children (and younger children too).

Spring is the best time to make these flower crafts and they are also great crafts for Mother’s Day because you can make them as a canvas or even use them to decorate Mother’s Day cards.

Egg Carton Flowers - Easy and gorgeous egg cartoon crafts for kids. We love recycled crafts and these egg carton flowers are the best example. A perfect spring craft for kids and an even better Mother's Day craft made by kids.

How to Make Flowers from Egg Cartons

What you need:

  • cardboard egg carton or an alternative
  • paint
  • glue
  • drag
  • paint brush
  • canvas or cardboard

Step by step guide

If working with egg cartons, cut out “cups” – each cavity forms a cup. If working with any other type of material, like a cup holder, cut in the same way.

Cut off the sides of each piece, this is the first step to making flowers from egg cartons.

Also, cut leaves, stems, and a short straight strip from the top of the egg carton.

Cutting cardboard boxes

Shape the edges, rounding them. You will need three cups, one with smaller “petals” and two with larger petals for this project, so keep this in mind as you shape the petals.

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If doing crafts with young children, let them use one or two cups per flower as this will make it easier for them.

Flower shaping

Roll the short straight strip into a spiral.

Make flower center

Highlight your favorite flower color and paint all the petals. Don’t forget to paint the stem and leaves green.

Draw flowers

Leaf paint

Glue the spiral circle into the middle of the smaller, shorter flower.

Glue two egg cartons on top of each other.

Glue two egg cups on top of each other

Now glue the small part in between the two parts you glued together earlier.

You can leave the spiral as it is or you can color it. Either paint it the color of the flower or other colors.

Put it together

Glue the flowers onto canvas (linoleum or white fabric) or onto cardboard.

How to make flowers from egg cartons

The project was contributed by Jacquelyn W.

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