Father’s Day Handprint Art

If your kids like to get their hands a little dirty, they’ll love making this Father’s Day handprint art project. Hands make great paintbrushes, it’s amazing what you can do with them.

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Father's Day Handprint Art Ideas for Kids

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Raise your hand if you love handprint art! We’re fans – we have the most amazing handprint flower art to share with you on Mother’s Day – and it’s definitely appropriate for Father’s Day, too.

Father's Day Handprint Ideas.

Father's Day handprint ideas for kids.

We’re really excited to have a fun and personal project to share on Father’s Day – these Father’s Day handprint portraits would make a great canvas art project or a unique DIY Father’s Day card for kids.

Father's Day Handprint Art

How to Make Handprint Art for Father’s Day

What you need:

  • Many types of paint – many skin tones, many hair colors and many colors for clothes
  • paint brush
  • canvas or card

Options for creating a tie

  • drag
  • glue
  • cardboard in various colors
  • signal

Step by step instructions

Prepare paint and canvas or cardboard.

We will start by creating the handprint face. Paint the palm of the hand the desired skin color. Paint the fingers the desired hair color. You do not need to color the thumb. We recommend using a slightly thicker paint so it does not dry too quickly.

Press your hand into the fabric or paper – into the upper half of that area with your fingers on top.

Wash your hands thoroughly. While you are washing your hands, the paint on the fabric or cardboard will dry.

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Turn the fabric inside out.

Continue coloring the hands (same hand or different hands). Color the palm the same color of shirt you want the person with your handprint to wear. Color the thumb and pinky the same color, except for the fingertips.

Paint the tip of your nail the same skin tone color you used for the tip.

Paint the remaining three fingers the color of your pants.

Press your hand into the fabric to get the image as shown in the image below.

If you want to add a fancy tie to your artwork, cut it out of cardboard.

Make it more beautiful by adding textures.

Glue it to your handprint art.

Draw eyes, mouth and nose with black marker.

You can also use vibrating eye patches or googly eyes.

Father's Day Art

The project was contributed by Jacquelyn W.

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