Surprise Big Mouth Shark Printable

Celebrate shark week with your kids by making this Big Mouth Shark Surprise Paper Craft. This bite surprise craft will delight kids big and small.

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Surprise Big Mouth Shark Paper Craft for Kids

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This shark paper toy has a lot in common with our printed shark puppet – they can both be very talkative.

Megamouth shark can surprisingly close its mouth

To do this, you can use our printable craft template or you can draw a shark yourself (or have your kids draw one). We have a guide on how to draw a shark on our website that can help get you started.

Megamouth shark can surprisingly print open mouth

Why just use sharks? You can ask your child to use their imagination and add other things to this printable craft – is there something hidden inside the shark’s mouth? Let them draw it. Fish swimming around the shark? Draw that too. The ocean is full of amazing creatures that can be added to this printable craft to make it even more interesting. No need to use realistic designs, your shark can swim around in the space too.

Ready to try this craft for kids? Print it out and let them have some fun.

How to make a paper toy printed with a big mouth shark

What you need:

  • our printable template – or markers to draw your own amazing shark
  • coloring supplies – we love coloring with markers, however crayons are best for younger children
  • paper – regular paper or thicker printer paper (cardboard is best)
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Step by step guide

Our template, which you can get at the end of this article, comes in two sizes – one with one shark per sheet and one with two sharks. Both are equally fun.

If you are looking for a quick arts and crafts project to do with your child in the classroom, we recommend choosing the smaller size. Not only is it more economical that way, but the actual crafting will not take as long because the child has a smaller area to color. The smaller size requires more prep time because you need to cut the paper in half.

Print out the template on paper of your choice. Regular paper works well with colored pencils, while cardboard works better with markers.

Let children color the shark pattern.

Fold along the top lip line (we added a dashed line to help with the fold) – the fold should run the entire width of the paper. To make sure the fold is sharp, run a craft stick or your finger over the fold.

Bring the fold down to the line of the lower lip and press the paper down to flatten it. This will create another fold inside the shark’s mouth.

Done! Now you can add your own design to this paper craft – add sea animals or even a secret message inside the shark’s mouth.

Surprise Big Mouth Shark Crafts for Kids

Get a surprise big mouth shark print

Get the template here: Big Mouth Shark Printable

Happy crafting!

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