Field of Paper Tulips Paper Plate Craft

This Tulip Field Paper Plate is a craft that will brighten anyone’s day!

Flowers, sunshine and clouds are ready to open their arms to welcome spring.

Field of paper tulips

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DIY paper tulip field

Today we will make a tulip field on a paper plate.

You can help your child cut flowers if needed.

DIY paper tulip field

How to make a paper tulip field

What you need:

  • printable template
  • paper plate
  • acrylic paint (blue, green and yellow)
  • paint brush
  • colored paper (white, green, pink, red, yellow and orange)
  • marker pen (pink and black)
  • pencil
  • drag
  • glue

Materials used

Step-by-step instructions


Go ahead and grab your paper plates.

Paint the lower part green.

Step 1

Paint the top of the paper plate blue.

Step 2

Paint the sun in the corner with yellow acrylic paint.

You can make the sun as dark yellow as you like.

To make it even more vibrant, you can add a few coats of yellow paint.

Step 3

Cut out the template.

Step 4

Draw white clouds on white paper.

You will then want to cut out this cloud.

Step 5


Draw each tulip twice on colored paper.

You can start with pink paper.

Step 6

Watch for orange tulips.

Step 7

Keep hunting for the red ones.

Step 8

We will also need yellow flowers.

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Step 9


Cut thin strips of green paper to make tulip branches.

Step 10

Cut them a little.

Step 11

The leaves

Draw 16 leaves on green paper.

Step 12

Draw the eyes and mouth with a black pen, then use a pink pen to draw the cheeks.

Step 13

The final look of the flowers looks perfect!

Step 14

Proceed to glue the flower heads onto the stem.

Step 15

Stick the cloud onto the plate.

Step 16

Glue the flowers onto the green part of the paper plate.

Step 17

Prune flower branches.

Step 18

Glue the leaves onto the stem.

Step 19

Draw a face on the sun!

Step 20

The last image is a beautiful tulip field with smiling sun and bright clouds.

Step 21

Isn’t this the perfect craft for spring?

Spring handmade tulip paper field

You can display it by hanging the paper plate on the wall or anywhere else.

Craft Paper Tulips

Have fun!

Tulip Field Ideas

Get your paper tulip field template here

Field of paper tulips

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