Easter Egg Coloring Pages – 30 Printable Coloring Pages

Are you excited about Easter and can’t wait to decorate your Easter eggs? This set of printable Easter egg coloring pages is here to help.

Get involved and gather your coloring supplies because there are plenty of eggs to color!

Printable easter egg coloring pages

We love spring and all the holidays that come with it. We’re ready to craft and color when the weather warms up and the flowers bloom!

Want more? We have another set of Easter Coloring Pages available for you, and if that’s not enough, you can also check out our collection of 100+ Coloring Pages for the Whole Family.

Printable easter egg coloring pages

Join us in coloring these 30 uniquely designed Easter egg coloring pages.

Use them in the classroom, at home or outdoors in the days before Easter or as an Easter activity.

In the spirit of Easter, why not show the kids how to draw some Easter-themed animals with How to Draw a Lamb or a Chick in Just a Few Easy Steps?

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Free printable easter egg coloring pages

One of the most fun traditions for children is coloring Easter eggs. These won’t disappoint if you’re looking to keep your kids entertained during the Easter season.

We’ve prepared 10 Free Easter Egg Coloring Pages to help you get started.

To get the whole thing, become our member, download all 30 of them, and enjoy other fun resources.

Abstract Easter egg coloring page

Easter Egg Summary

This is the best Easter egg coloring page for little kids. It covers a large area and looks amazing with kids filling every space with their favorite colors. You can also teach how to mix colors with this.

Outdoor Easter egg coloring pages

Easter egg coloring page in the woods

Does your child love nature and egg hunting? Color these beautiful eggs and the frame with your best markers to highlight the motive and have fun!

Easter eggs with bows

Easy Easter eggs with a bow

Have fun coloring this Easter egg design and color the bow with your favorite colors. You can use vibrant tones or pastel colors – the choice is yours.

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Fun Easter egg color palette

Traditional Easter Eggs

Go ahead and enjoy coloring another Easter egg scene – we think it’s a great way to celebrate the season and create a playful and colorful piece of art.

Easter egg basket

Full Easter egg basket

Our Easter egg basket coloring pages are also a fun and engaging activity for children to learn about the holiday and its traditions. Grab your markers and start coloring and learning!

Geometric Easter egg coloring page

Zig Zag Easter Egg

Practice hand-eye coordination while having fun coloring our geometric Easter egg coloring sheets. You can use this page as a springboard to discuss Easter, its history, and how it is celebrated around the world.

Fun Easter eggs

Fun Easter egg coloring page

Ready for some more color? We think of Easter as a time of joy and celebration. And what better way to spread happiness than with a fun Easter egg?

Nine Easter eggs coloring page

Easter egg collection

Get those coloring supplies out of the drawer and color each of the nine Easter eggs differently. The coloring page will look amazing once you add some color to the background! You can even cut eggs out and use them as decorations.

Floral Easter egg coloring page

Spring Easter egg coloring page

Spring is a great time for children to be creative and have fun. We bet your kids will love the following three-flower Easter egg motif, and we know they’ll enjoy the festive spirit of the holiday.

Dot and Zig-Zag motor

Traditional dot and Zig Zag engine

Looking for a fun Easter-themed activity? Our Easter egg coloring page with a zig-zag design is a perfect choice! Grab your best markers and color the whole thing!

Member’s Easter egg coloring page

Our printable Easter Egg Coloring Pages membership set includes 30 different egg designs for kids of all ages. By becoming a member, you will have access to all of our resources and exclusive content added regularly.

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Easter traditions

Cute Easter eggs

Our next egg can be colored with traditional pastel colors or bold and bright colors for an all-over coloring. Have fun!

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Happy Zig Zag Easter

Zig-Zag Easter Egg

Start with a zig-zag Easter egg design with sharp lines across the egg shape. Children can experiment with different color combinations and techniques to create a striking colorful egg.

Traditional Easter egg motivation

Adorable Easter egg coloring page

This Easter egg motive is timeless! This coloring page features a classic egg with a simple yet elegant design to celebrate the holidays.

Surprise Easter Eggs

Easter egg coloring sheet set

Can’t wait to color another coloring page? We’ve got you! Color each egg with the color of your choice – we’re sure they will stand out and be beautiful. Using different colors will create stunning visual effects.

Easy easter egg coloring pages

Easy Easter egg coloring sheet

Let’s color it a little more! Help your child develop fine motor skills using our Easter egg coloring page featuring a zig-zag design. Encourage children to color carefully within the lines of the pattern.

Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunt coloring sheet

Ready for an Easter egg hunt? We sure are! Count the eggs and color the entire page with your favorite markers. This page includes nine different egg designs and will look amazing once completed.

Oocyte adventure

Design Easter eggs easily

Dive into the wavy, horizontal and vertical lines of the Easter egg pattern and create a neat, colorful egg to decorate your wall.

Easter Eggs With Bows

Easter Eggs With Bows

Love Easter and all the fun that comes with it? We have an accessible coloring page for little ones. Kids can experiment with different colors to bring the design to life.

Stripes and Dots

Easy Easter egg coloring sheet

Capture the essence of spring by coloring this beautiful and unique Easter egg pattern. It’s easy to color!

Easy Easter egg coloring sheet

Wavy Egg Design

Easter egg coloring page with such a simple design is sure to impress kids! It’s easy to color in large areas and will look gorgeous as a wall decoration!

Fun Easter eggs

Fun Easter egg coloring page

The Happy Easter caption on this Easter egg coloring page looks best with the addition of a background color. Have fun coloring and enjoy the spring spirit!

Easter eggs on the grass

Big Easter Egg

Get your coloring supplies and use different colors to make this Easter egg page come to life! It will look great on a blue background with a blue sky.

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Easter eggs to color

Fun Easter egg color palette

Another fun coloring page for Easter – once your kids have finished coloring, you can proudly display the egg as part of your Easter decorations.

Easter eggs on a plate

Color these Easter eggs with a variety of patterns – use your art supplies like markers, crayons or colored pencils. We bet it will look amazing if you use vibrant colors!

Set of four Easter eggs

Grab your colored pencils and enjoy coloring this Spring with this Easter Eggs coloring sheet. You can embellish the background and frame too!

Baby rabbits and chicks

Chicken and bunny on Easter egg

Among the Easter eggs, Spring brings us lots of joy, love and beautiful weather. Color the entire page – frame, flowers, grass and two Easter eggs decorated with a bunny and a chick.

Easter egg landscape

Easter scene

What is your favorite color source? We love markers, but we bet whatever you choose will work for color in the festive egg scene!

Cute Easter egg basket

Easter egg basket

Want more? We present to you this page that has a basket filled with colorful Easter eggs waiting to be colored.

Swirls and a flower

Complex Easter eggs

Easter eggs are a classic symbol of the holiday. Run your coloring tools and color each egg and its pattern with different colors to make them as colorful as you want.

dotted squiggly

Dot and wave easter egg coloring page

Wavy and dotted doodles are always fun to color! Once the kids have finished drawing, you can display this page on the wall or use it as a neat gift.

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Easter egg color palette

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