Fish Clothespin Puppets

Join in the fun under the ocean or pond with this fish clothespin puppet set.

There are 4 different fish models for your kids to play with.

Printable Fish Clothespin Puppets

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We have a beautiful collection of fish ready to print – from saltwater fish to freshwater fish. This set comes in both full color and black and white versions for children to color.

We really love the black and white version because it really allows kids to create super colorful fish.

Printable clothespin fish puppet

Watch the little fish in action.

Clothespin fish puppet

How to make fish-shaped clothespin puppets

What you need:

  • fish puppet model
  • Hardcover
  • drag
  • glue
  • clothespin

Step by step instructions

We recommend printing them on heavier stock.

If you decide to go with our black and white template, color it first.

Next comes the cutting part. Cut out the outline of the puppet.

You also need to cut along the designated mouth line.

Apply glue to the clothespin area and stick it on the puppet.

The top of the puppet rests on the top of the clothespin…

…and the bottom part is at the bottom.

All has been done!

Printable Clothespin Fish Puppet

Your fish clothespin puppets are ready to play!

Clothespin fish puppet

Get the fish clothespin puppet pattern here

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