Tin Can Robots

When it comes to recycled crafts, tin can robots take the prize! There are no rules when it comes to making them so you can use up all sorts of materials.

This makes a great craft class, you can ask students to bring in all sorts of broken materials, packaging or used up things like watches, pens, cans, bolts and screws, broken pieces and let them engage in this truly open-ended crafting activity.

How to Make a Tin Can Robot - a Great Recycled Craft for Kids

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Do you know this little garbage robot named Wall-E, the last robot left on Earth? Do you remember this robot that keeps tiny metal parts in your home so it can fix itself if it breaks? This film is worth watching before participating in this art project.

Tin Can Robots Craft for Kids

For this project, have kids go find some small machine parts, pen twisters, small light bulbs (for older kids only), kitchen scouring pads, and other small pieces of metal, even pieces of plastic.

Tin Can Robots Craft for kids

We will create amazing robot friends and only your imagination is the limit here.

Tin Can Robot Crafts for Kids

How to make tin robot

What you need:

  • tin can (or you can use toilet paper rolls wrapped in aluminum foil instead)
  • the pieces you found
  • googly eyes (as many as you want)
  • Hot glue or low temperature glue dots for kids
  • drag

Let the crafting begin!

Materials used

Instructions step by step

There are thousands of ways you can make a robot out of tin cans, we will show you how we made one.

Apply some glue on top of the pen spirals… The pen spirals make for cool whiskers. Glue dots also hold them in place well.

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Step 1

…and put them in a tin can.

Step 2

Use your fingers to bend the ends of the spiral, then apply a little glue on the googly eyes…

Step 3

…and place them on the spiral.

Step 4

Apply some glue to the metal hex nut and stick it to the tin can.

Step 5

That will be the nose of our robot.

Step 6

Using scissors, cut curls from a kitchen sponge, apply a little glue to the ends and stick them onto the tin.

Step 7

Look at that curly robot hair!

Step 8

Apply a little glue to the two metal circles and place them on the tin can.

That’s the cheek.

Step 9

Cut a small piece of foil and stick it on the tin can. That will be the lips.

Tin Can Robots Craft for Kids


Hope you have fun working on your project today!

Tin Can Robots Craft for Kids

Check out the other robots we’ve created and feel free to use your own imagination while making friends with the tin can robot.

Robot Crafts Made from Tin Can

See you soon with more fun crafts!

Idea for making a robot from a tin can

The project was contributed by Ema.

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