Flower Toilet Paper Roll Craft

This has to be the coolest flower toilet paper roll craft ever. It’s fun to make, focuses on fine motor skills, and looks great when finished.

You won’t be disappointed decorating your home or classroom with these toilet paper roll flowers (but feel free to use kitchen paper towel rolls or store-bought rolls for classroom crafts).

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We made a similar toilet paper roll butterfly a while back and together with this flower they make a great pair for a craft session. You could combine the two and do both on the same canvas and even paint in other details (like the fingerprint bee). Let your imagination take you.

Why stick with regular toilet paper roll crafts when you can do an art project like this? Although we love regular toilet paper roll crafts too.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

How to make flowers from toilet paper rolls

What you need:

  • kitchen paper towel roll or toilet paper roll (store-bought is great too)
  • different types of paint
  • paint brush
  • canvas or cardboard for the base
  • white school glue
  • paper plate (or something else to hold the glue)
  • drag

Step by step guide

Flatten the roll and cut it into strips/rounds. We want to make 6 strips of toilet paper from one roll. You will need 9 strips.

6 strips of paper will be used for the petals. Flatten the roll and fold one end (about a finger’s width from the edge) and unfold.


Flatten and push the fold inward. You will have a triangle. Repeat with the remaining 5. Set them aside.

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Take another roll of paper and form it into a circle.

Arrange the rolled paper strips on the fabric. Start with a circle and then work your way around the petals.

Pour glue onto a paper plate. Take a petal or circle, dip it in white glue and stick it back in place on the fabric.

Repeat with other sections.

Additionally, glue two strips of rolled paper to the bottom of the fabric to make leaves.

Allow the glue to dry completely before proceeding to the next steps.

Once the glue is dry, start painting the inside of the rolled paper strips.

Various colors can be used.

Also, paint the tree trunk.

Done! Your flower toilet paper roll is ready to display.

Handmade flowers from toilet paper rolls

Handmade flower shaped toilet paper roll

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