Surprise Big Mouth Hippo Printable

Is your child a hippo fan? If so, they’ll love this surprisingly big-mouthed hippo print – it’s both a craft and a coloring page!

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Big Mouth Hippo Paper Craft Surprise for Kids

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The Big Mouth Hippo Surprise printable is the perfect activity for kids on a rainy day or as an after school project when you want a simple, stress-free activity that you and your kids can do together.

Print one for you and one for your child, and sit down with them. You can both color your own design, fold the hippo print, and talk about your day.

Printable Big Mouth Hippo

The surprisingly big-mouthed hippo can print

This is a simple no-prep animal craft for kids and since it’s such a fun animal to make it makes a great craft for any kid – do you know a kid who doesn’t like hippos? We certainly don’t.

How to make a paper toy printed with a big mouth hippo

What you need:

  • our printable template (you can get it at the end of the step by step guide)
  • coloring materials
  • paper

Step by step instructions

There are two sizes included in our template (you can also skip the template and draw your own hippos). One large size with one hippo across the entire page and one with two hippos across one page. The latter size is perfect for classroom use if you’re looking for a quick no-prep craft activity to do with your students.

Print the template that best suits your needs. We recommend printing on cardstock, especially if you want your child to color the design with markers, as they tend to bleed through and/or wrinkle regular printer paper.

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If you’re coloring with crayons or colored pencils, regular printer paper will work just as well.

Color the design – we chose to color the hippo with markers because we liked the pop of color.

You can just color the design or even draw some backgrounds to make things more interesting.

Once you are happy with how your printable looks, it’s time to start folding. A simple double fold will complete your piece.

Start by folding the entire width of the paper horizontally along the top lip line. Make sure the fold is crisp – run your finger over the fold or use a craft stick and run it over the fold. This will make it easy to open and close the hippo’s mouth.

Almost done! Next, you need to bring the crease you just created down to your lower lip line and align it with that line.

Press the paper down to form a fold inside the hippo’s mouth.

Done! Your hippo is ready to play.

We hope your child will have as much fun creating this craft project as playing with it afterward.

Big Mouth Hippo Paper Craft for Kids

Get a surprisingly big mouth hippo print

Get the template here: Big Mouth Hippo Printable

Happy crafting!

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